What is it like to move to Melbourne for University?

To all the students out there who are coming to Melbourne for university, this is a brief guide on what you can expect when you move here to continue your studies. Hopefully you have identified your student accommodation in Melbourne, chosen your studies and are fully prepared to get involved in the fabric of the local community. When you do arrive here, there is a truly great student life waiting for you and here are just some of the things you can expect.

Life on a Bargain

As you will soon discover, students are not always flush with cash which is why Melbourne is such a cool city to live in. There are loads of opportunities to pick up bargains throughout the city’s thrift shops, especially in Brunswick and the Central Business District (CBD). Even partying doesn’t have to cost too much and the bars around St Kilda especially have happy hours almost every night. Life isn’t cheap-cheap, but there are plenty of chances to lower costs… Or increase them by playing roulette for real money!


Melbourne itself is such an amazing city and it offers everything that Sydney does, except without the madness and the hustle and bustle. Just outside of the city, there are also a wide array of beaches available from St Kilda, to some of the larger beaches on Australia’s Great Ocean road. Just a tram or train ride from the city will get you on the beach for a cheap and fun day out.

Entertainment Mad

No matter what anyone tells you, Melbourne is without question the entertainment capital of the country. From live music to massive sporting events at the MCG, there is nothing that this city doesn’t promote with regards to having a great time. This is something which also spills out into the city and there is a wide array of clubs and bars with live music as well as many comedy clubs, many of which offer student discounts.


This is a city that accepts all types of people from any background and it really does pride itself on offering something for everyone. No matter if you are into the sciences, movies, fine art or economics, there are spaces for everyone here to thrive as one and that is certainly one of the biggest positives of living in this incredible city.


Throughout the city you will find student rooms & accommodation for people from a range of different universities. This place is without question a student city and that is why so many love to stay here, even after their studies are done. The infrastructure here is very much set up for students and that is certain to make each new student that comes here more comfortable. It can be a scary time to step away from home and live somewhere new, but given that there are so many kindred spirits in the city, most new students feel at home in no time at all.

Living in Melbourne as a student can be exciting & fun-filled. Be sure to explore all Melbourne has to offer and full ingratiate yourself in the student experience.

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