5 reasons to move to Orange County

Saying Orange County is a lot is the understatement of the century. The almost 4 million population mega county houses a multitude of cities just south of LA. The things to do are plenty, the sun is shining, and the living is easy! So if you are considering moving here, then hire the right apartment movers to help in your relocation process and come on over to LA County. Here are 5 reasons why LA county is the best place to live. 

#1 The Attractions

Orange County really has it all. From Disneyland (and all its numerous attractions, like the park itself, the free shopping center of downtown Disney, California Adventure, and more) Knott’s Berry farm, and all the various parks that are spread out throughout the county! Let’s not forget all the huge cities and all the fun that comes with any big warm city by the water! 

Let’s not forget California’s luxurious shopping experience, and what makes Orange County so special: You get all the designer brands without the LA price tag. It’s a win-win. Costa Mesa, Newport, and San Clemente are some of the hottest shopping spots, and their outlets and malls are copied throughout the world!

#2 The Weather 

Speaking of outdoor coastal cities, let’s not forget the dozens and dozens of dazzling beaches that run across the Orange County coastline. If you’ve ever set foot on a Californian beach, you know the raw passion and beauty that excites your mind as you experience such a lush, warm site.  That’s another thing about Orange County. It’s a warm spot (but not too warm, in fact having a pool here means you’ll want to invest in some frost protection pipe resources for the future) full of trails, hiking, caves, valleys, canyons, vantage points,  and Bays for kayaking and whale watching! No matter what your outdoor hobbies are like, Orange County is bound to give you something amazing. 

#3 The Food 

The Orange County eating experience is second to none. As any great, wealthy, region in southwest has, it’s got a mix between bougie So-cal eateries and red blooded American diners. But that’s not all, the Asian-American culture is booming and ever present in the restaurants of the area, and the cuisine from across the world is something to write home about. No matter your eating preferences, favorite kind of cuisine, or diet, you’re bound to find something you’ll love! 

#4 The Culture 

Not only is the region notable for its many arts and crafts fairs, but many famous YouTubers (including some top gamers like members of FaZe clan) reside in or around LA, especially Orange County. If you want to become your own Orange County gamer check out the Anda Seat to add to your collection. 

#5  All the Urban options 

Picture this: You move into some suburb in Anytown USA. There’s a few blocks of urban excitement, and then nothing. Not with Orange County. It’s made up of so many unique towns and cultural hubs that all have their own little nuances. If you’re looking to settle in one of them, here are some great moving companies to get you on your way!