What To Know Before Moving Your Business To Florida

It is true that many people consider Florida to be a place for recreation, vacations, and nightclubs, however in reality it’s a hotspot for business. 

Below are a few reasons why you should consider moving your business to Florida.  

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Lower Taxes

It was reported by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that Miami ranked fourth among areas with the best tax climate. 

Generally, the state does not have personal income taxes or property taxes. From a business point of view, Florida offers an impressive array of business-friendly tax incentives.

Ready Access to Financing

Several domestic and international banks operate in Miami. This enables businesses to expand at a rapid pace with access to finances and credit.

In addition, the personalized service and flexibility of loan structuring are especially important to small businesses like Ignite Digital.

Similarly to other cities such as Silicon Valley and New York, Miami has also received significant venture capital funds from angel investors and venture capitalists. 

Business-Friendly Environment

Despite being slightly higher than the U.S. average, Florida helps the average income by offering less-expensive living compared to more expensive economic hubs like San Francisco, New York, and Washington. 

Operating and opening a business in this area is much cheaper than in other areas of the country. 

This plus the pleasant weather, good quality of life, and the numerous beaches make Miami an attractive place to live and work. Forbes magazine rated Miami as the happiest place to work in the United States.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

There is a lot of freedom in starting a business in Miami. It was rated among the five top cities for startups and has the largest density of startups.

There is a culture where new ideas are accepted. Venture capital is readily available to support new and growing businesses, like Mato & Hash

In other words, businesses which move to Miami can expand in a way that would not be permitted in other parts of the country.

Qualified Workforce

Miami is a top location for tech jobs, which entices millennial workers with tech skills. When you move your business to Miami, you get access to a skilled, multicultural workforce. 

A number of millennials chose Miami as their next destination due to its dynamic and diverse culture, lifestyle, and attractive job opportunities. Its industries include aerospace, life sciences, healthcare, hospitality and tourism, and IT.

Every year, local, well-regarded universities and colleges graduate 100,000 graduates with cutting-edge technology skills that enter the workforce. 

The Lifestyle

Florida’s climate is one of its most important natural resources. It is called the “Sunshine State” for its mild winters. In addition, warm summers draw tourists seeking relief from the cold north.

This brings new and exciting opportunities for new business. If you are in the tourism sector, Florida has a plethora of opportunities. 

Finding Help with Moving Professionals

If you’re moving from a city such as Orlando, you’re going to need a moving professional. Finding Orlando moving companies suitable to your needs is important for a smooth move.