Things To Do In Pasadena

Pasadena, known for its colourful history, Roses Parades, and the annual Rose Bowl football game which has been held since 1902. 

1. Hike To Eaton Canyon

One of the must do’s in Pasadena is to take a hike to Eaton Canyon. It’s popular for its suitability for all ages and ease of access. 

An easy choice for a weekend past time and to enjoy So-Cal’s unique nature. With scenic landscapes filled with stunning wildflowers, bridges over streams and even a 40 foot waterfall, it’s a hikers paradise. 

With its beauty it definitely can draw a crowd on weekends looking to escape the living room. They offer guided tours at the nearby Eaton Canyon Nature Centre and the hikes usually take 1.5 hours or just under 4 mile round trip. 

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2. Explore Old Town Pasadena

Old Town Pasadena plays host to the inaugural Rose Bowl football game and Rose Parade. 

The famed Rose Bowl parade isn’t the only going on in the historic Old Town of Pasadena. Awesome window shopping with plenty of boutique stores, or simply just enjoy the town’s historic architecture. 

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3. Visit The Gamble House – Est 1908

Another quirky pastime is to visit The Gamble House of Pasadena, California. Once the home of David and Mary Gamble, from the renowned Procter & Gamble Company.

Designed in 1908 it retains much of its original beauty and historical charm. In 1978 it became a Historic Landmark and is now one of the most visited historical sites in Pasadena. 

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Getting back to The Gamble House, from the outside, it stands out against a desert-like backdrop, featuring an endearing dark wooden facade people often liken it to a wooden ski resort. 

A prime example of American architecture of the times. Tours are available and held 4 days of the week in the afternoons. They are held by well informed, well spoken guides making this a great afternoon outing. 

If architecture is your thing, they offer more in depth tours explaining the ins and outs of the furniture and architecture styling. 

4. Take A Pic At The Famous Fork In The Road

Finally, that brings me to a fork in the road. Literally speaking not figuratively, there is a fork in the road that is a popular attraction for a cheeky photograph. 

This completely free and harmless attraction is typically reserved for those looking to get a quick snap and a bit of a chuckle. 

You can find the Fork in the Road on St. John Avenue and Pasadena Avenue intersection. You can’t miss it to be honest. 

Standing at a whopping 18 feet tall the artwork was originally created by Ken Marshall intended to be a birthday gift joke for his friend Bob Stane.

The fork in the road is both a hilarious pun but has visitors pondering deeper thoughts. Either way it makes for a good photo opportunity so get down there and go see it. 

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