Incredible Destinations to Visit From Dubai

Such is the popularity of Dubai the city has become one of the most accessible in the world and most international airports have direct flights to this wonderful destination. In fact, both the location and this accessibility is what has turned Dubai into the hub that it is and from the city many will look to move on to another destination, either in the Middle East or further afield. Within 4 hours of Dubai however there are some incredible places to visit, and here are just some of those which you could consider.

Mumbai, India

The Mumbai to Dubai flight time is just 3 hours and 15 minutes making this short trip one which is well worth making. This is the country’s second most pulpous city and it perfectly bridges the gap between the old and the new of what India has to offer. Mumbai is not only the financial and the commercial capital of the country, but it is widely considered to be the entertainment capital too. The home of Bollywood is a fascinating place to visit and here you can discover ancient architecture, cultures and traditions, all agains the backdrop of a modern cityscape.

Salalah, Oman

Just 2 hours from Dubai you will find the slightly less well-trodden destination of Salalah in Oman. Whilst many will head to places like Muscat when visiting the country, this is a far more beautiful coastal resort which is slowly becoming very popular indeed. This is the ideal place to enjoy a beach trip without that intense heat which you’ll find in Dubai.

Baku, Azerbaijan

This is a purpose-built, modern city which was once described by a journalist as the “architectural love child” of Paris and Dubai. Baku is a fascinating place which offers the older side to this ancient city, which is now regarded as a UNESCO World Heritage site, as well as the more modern, ever-so-slightly decadent new part of the city. This makes for the perfect city break from Dubai, and Baku can be reached in just 3 hours.

Esfahan, Iran

This city in Iran can be reached in just under 2 hours and it is one of the nation’s most beautiful cities. The city is famed for its delightful Persian gardens and these incredible blue-tiled buildings, not to mention the swathes of mosques which you can find here.

Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut is a city with many faces, it knows how to party, it has some of the best nightlife in the Middle East in fact, beyond this the city also offers history, both modern and ancient, which is just waiting to be discovered. Oddly this is now a very safe city, despite recent troubles, and it is quickly becoming one of the region’s most desirable locations to visit. Beirut is slightly farther away than some others in this list, and is reachable in 3 hours and 50 minutes.

These are just some of the places which you can visit if you base yourself in Dubai.