How to make video content for your social media page

If you checked out the internet a few years ago, you might see people updating their Facebook status, posting low-quality Instagram photos, or sending a quick tweet. What you might not see a lot of are videos. Sure, there would be plenty of funny viral clips on YouTube, or a 15 second Instagram clip (or even a 5-second Vine). But video content wasn’t commonplace, and when it was, it was too short to be a big deal. Nowadays, social media video production is required for different industries as online presence matters. While platforms like YouTube host full length shows, Instagram and Twitter allow for short length videos. Every platform has its own version of social media video production, TikTok being one of the first social media platforms dedicated entirely to streaming video after video without choice hesitation. The bottom line is, you need to amp up your social media game to gain attention from potential clients. Here’s how:

First, you need to brainstorm ideas for what you want your videos to look like. What is your brand about? What is the most important thing you can convey? This first brainstorming step seems meaningless, but it will make or break your success in the long run. We highly recommend using a social media video production agency, such as this company offering help with social media videos jacksonville fl, for all of your social media video production needs. After this, it’s time to study what’s working, and what’s not working, in your niche. Look at the most famous content that your competitors are posting, and study the long term trends of what people are searching for. What videos are other brands making? Do people engage with them, or not? How can you create your own original content off of their foundations? Once you have a clear idea of what your content can look like, it’s time to work with your agency and start the shooting process. From here, the agency itself usually does most of the social media video production work. They film your content and edit it using an online video editor to perfection. This gives you a final product that you can share with your audience.

Finally, it’s time to post! Your content can be fantastic, but what it really comes down to is how effective your marketing is. People don’t care if you have the most original, fun videos in the world if you don’t advertise properly. You need to make sure your captions are on point, you’re posting a good amount of times, your social media are linking to each other, and you need to have a way to manually gain more followers. Relying on the natural traffic of your posts to naturally grow is nice, but it’s a slow process. The true social media superstars are doing everything they can to make sure their posts are seen, and this viewership results in the consumption of a brand’s product. You need to figure out what to focus on. Maybe you’ll run an ad campaign to your target demographic. Maybe you’ll ask your social media video production team to make the post as interactive as possible, encouraging followers to share, like, comment, or do whatever tasks naturally increase your views for free. Every second count and most people have made up their mind about content in the first 5 seconds of the video.

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