7 Creative Gifts For Your Grandparents

We all know that this year, senior care is especially important and difficult. It’s hard not to see relatives for extended periods of time, and even harder to connect with them on a remote model. It’s hard to find something new to talk about, it’s hard to be away, and it’s hard to know what they want. In this article, we’ll discuss the 7 best gifts you can give your grandparents now! 

1. Tech support 

A great way not only to pass time, but also give your loved ones something they actually need! Hop on the phone for a few hours and just let them explain their technological woes. You can help them navigate the online world that’s so crucial for communication nowadays. Plus, you might even find that their technology is way out of date. If they might need a new one, here is the best desktop sale going on right now! 

2. Alcohol! 

The past year has seen a surge in the purchase of alcoholic beverages. In a particularly stressful time, getting grandma some booze is probably one of the most convenient and meaningful gifts you can give. It’s accessible to every adult, and you can just drop it off at their doorstep to let them know you care! If you’re having trouble figuring out what to get, check out these white wine gift sets for inspiration. 

3. A nice, framed photograph 

If you’ve spent more time home, you may have noticed you’re a bit more familiar with your surroundings, which can get boring fast. Perhaps in the past year you’ve been rearranging your home more, or buying new decorations for the walls. What’s a demographic that is big on decorating their homes nicely and spends a lot of time there? That’s right: Grandparents! When you get them a nice photograph, you are adding something new and nice to their lives, and making it a photograph of family can make them think of you even more! 

4. A cookbook

Your grandparents are probably really bored at home, more bored than usual. Getting them a cookbook will not only lighten up their day and give them something new to do at home, but perhaps encourage them to write down or spice up old family recipes! 

5. A roomba

The nice thing about going to old people’s homes is that they always have the time and patience to keep things clean, but as one ages, it gets harder and harder to do chores that were once easy. Bending down to clean the floor or even pick something up can take longer and longer to do, often with excruciating pain. Get them a roomba and have it do it for them! 

6. A calendar 

Ok Ok. We know what you’re thinking. Yes, it’s harder for older people to keep track of time, but the internet makes it easier than ever now to make a custom calendar full of family photos for your grandparents! This is a way to show them pictures of you all year long! 

7. A DNA ancestry kit 

Grandma and grandpa are always telling tales about their past. Have their heritage recorded forever through a DNA kit!