Want to be a PC Gamer? Some Things You Should Know

Hobbies are incredibly important for our mental health. If your life is simply a repetition of the same routines every day, and you never get to partake in activities that you truly enjoy, then this is a recipe for burnout or even depression. We all need something in our lives that brings true enjoyment so that we can get a break from the things that are tiring or frustrating. 

Perhaps you are considering an entrance into the world of PC gaming. Video games can be a great release when you have a lot of built-up frustrations or exhaustion. You can enter another world with characters, creatures, and stories that you get to interact with to complete some sort of task. In many cases, you can do this in collaboration with others online. Gaming can be a very fun and fulfilling hobby.

There are several console systems you can choose from, but many choose to get into PC gaming. This platform relies on a computer to connect to the various titles rather than a Playstation, Nintendo, or Xbox console. Here are some things you should know about PC gaming as you get started. 

Equipment Needs

When you use other gaming platforms like a Playstation 5 or Nintendo Switch, all you need is the console itself, a controller, and a screen to connect to, though a Switch also has its own screen. PC gaming requires a little more equipment. If you want a robust setup, then you will need a monitor, CPU hardware, a keyboard, and a mouse, at the very least. Specialized versions of these pieces exist specifically for gaming. You could play on a gaming laptop, though systems with more hardware tend to perform much better. Additionally, you will probably want a headset and gaming chair to make the experience more comfortable. Taking care of all this equipment may need some work, especially if you notice things like a loud PC fan. The cost can therefore be a bit higher than other types of consoles. 


There is often an ongoing debate about which form of gaming is better, PCs or consoles. In terms of pure performance, there is a big advantage for PC users. Since they rely on more powerful hardware systems, PC users tend to experience higher frame rates and shorter load times. This is the primary reason why PC gaming is more expensive than console gaming. You are paying for the better performance. If you just want to dip your toes into gaming, then a console would be a cheaper way to get started; then you can invest in a PC if you decide to get serious about this hobby.

The Truth About Streaming

If you are plugged into the video game industry at all, then you know about the popularity of streaming. Many Twitch/YouTube streamers have made a fortune displaying their video game skills to a live audience or to those who will watch it back later. This often attracts younger people who want to make money playing video games. The truth about this video game streaming income is that it is incredibly hard to reach those levels. You often have to stream for hours on end every day to have the hope of generating enough income to live off of a video game habit. The truth is that streaming to earn an income is not a feasible option for most gamers, and it should instead be used simply to connect with others who enjoy video games. Turning it into a side hustle or primary income is simply too difficult for most. 

Usenet as a Resource

What is Usenet? It is essentially a discussion platform that existed before the Internet. In 2023, it is a global network that allows users to discuss their favorite subjects and upload/download articles about those topics. Each subject forum is called a newsgroup, and there are plenty of newsgroups that could benefit PC gamers. One of the largest newsgroups on the network is all about computer hardware, so you could learn quickly about a good PC setup there. Also, there are newsgroups specifically about gaming, so you can connect with others who share your passion. Connecting to this resource can help you enjoy your PC gaming experience even more because of the various newsgroups available. 

An Addicting Hobby

The danger of video games is not the violence that many non-gamers are concerned with, but rather the addictive characteristics of the habit. Once you are hooked by the story or the accomplishments of the game you are playing, it can be easy to spend far more time playing than you planned. This could lead to issues with your lifestyle involving health and relationships. Keeping control of your new hobby is not difficult if you know what you are getting into. Remember to spend time focusing on physical health so gaming does not contribute to a sedentary lifestyle. Keep track of time closely so the hours don’t slip away, causing you to miss out on quality time with friends and family. 

Becoming a PC gamer can be very fun and rewarding; just remember to maintain control of the hobby so that the other areas of your life do not suffer.