How Smartphones Changed Sports Betting

Sports betting is one of the success stories of the digital age. It’s historically been popular in those parts of the world where the practice has been legalized, but the rise of online sportsbooks has increased revenue exponentially.

The industry is also important to individual sports. Teams and leagues from across the globe link in with official betting partners, and many also receive sponsorship from bookmakers. The digital revolution has been a big driver, but the advent of smartphones has also played a key part in betting’s growth.

The Digital Shift

Established bookmakers who had been trading in pre-internet days were quick to see the potential of the digital realm. Along with those operators, a host of new sportsbooks were gaining licenses and joining the industry.

In a relatively short period of time, online revenue started to exceed income gained in the physical world. Millions of global customers could access a huge range of markets with just a few clicks. The markets were no longer simply who would win, this year’s Super Bowl odds will contain markets such as who will win the coin toss, total points in each half and so on.

It was the perfect platform for these operators to thrive in, so why have smartphones become so essential?

Keeping in Touch

Flexibility is the first element that makes a smartphone an important part of a bettor’s armory. While some sportsbook customers still use a static desktop at times, we can’t all be seated at home when we want to scan the betting markets.

A smartphone allows players to bet on the go from anywhere that has an internet connection. You could be in a bar about to watch a big football game, and you want to place a bet on the action. Maybe a friend texts you with an interesting tip, and you’re miles away from your desktop.

Smartphones have simply made sporting betting easier for customers and, in turn, that convenience has led to increased revenue for the industry.

Essential for Live Betting

Anyone who stakes in live betting markets would surely agree that a smartphone is essential. The practice involves staking on a match result, or another aspect of the game, once it has begun.

Live, or in-play betting as it’s also called, was another innovation that brought extra revenue to the industry. Bettors like to get involved for a number of reasons.

Odds can, at times, be more generous in the live markets. If a soccer team goes 1-0 down, their price to win the game will lengthen, and bettors can secure a better figure than the pre-match equivalent.

Live betting also tests analytical skills, and many like to watch a game, interpret patterns of play, fitness and other factors, before staking accordingly.

In-play betting requires speed of thought and action, and that’s why a Smartphone is vital. Odds change frequently in live markets, and an app is the quickest way to place a bet before the numbers change.

Greater Value

Sports betting operators will also look to incentivize those who stake using a smartphone. Those sportsbooks realize how important mobile devices are to the industry, so many like to publish extra rewards.

All bookmakers list offers and promotions for their players, but some of these bonuses can only be found on mobile. In short, those who don’t use their smartphones for betting may be missing out on these offers.

In a smaller minority of cases, some bookmakers restrict their welcome bonuses to new players who complete the signup process via a mobile device. Other operators are app-only and cannot be accessed via a laptop or desktop.

Those who take sports betting seriously, need to download those apps in order to take advantage of certain welcome promotions and other offers.

Tailor Made

Sportsbooks need to compete in a crowded industry, so they have to implement new innovations to stand out from the rest. One of the ways in which they do this is by offering a bespoke experience to their customers.

For example, if you prefer to stake on horse racing, the sportsbook will monitor your pattern and send news and special offers attached to this sport. It’s all part of the Artificial Intelligence system that we see in all areas of eCommerce.

It’s easier for sportsbooks to send those updates via text. If an email is sent, we may not see it in time to act and take advantage of the news. Our phones, however, are always by our side, so we will never miss out on this tailor made experience.

Smartphones have made all of our lives easier in so many ways, and it’s hard to imagine how we functioned without them. Those who like to place a bet will also attest that the smartphone is essential to the practice.

A mobile device has changed sports betting in different ways, and it benefits both sides of the industry. Customers gain the advantages that are mentioned in this round up, while operators enjoy significantly increased revenue as a result.