Law Offices of Dr Bruce. G Fagel & Associates – Times That You May Need to get Yourself a Lawyer

Whilst many of us don’t want to consider it, there are in fact a great number of reasons why we all one day may need a lawyer. I found myself in this situation a couple of years ago, despite considering myself very much the law abiding citizen. Sadly however certain situations found me in the law offices of Dr Bruce. G Fagel & Associates seeking advice for a case which I had pending.

The reality is that there are numerous situations which may see you require a lawyer, and these are just some examples of that.


It would be foolish to suggest that anyone who gets married expects to eventually get divorced, but it is also foolish to deny the statistics. Currently one in every two marriages ends with divorce, which is a staggering statistic in reality. This nonetheless is something that could happen to any married couple and it is why we have to recognize that many of us may one day need legal support for such an issue. Divorce is not pleasant at all which is why you will need a good quality lawyer to help you out in this kind of instance.

Work Related

Even if you consider yourself to be happy at work, there are all kinds of instances which could mean that you require a lawyer to deal with issues. This could be as a result of an accident, bullying in the workplace or even wrongful dismissal. Either way there are a number of situations which could see you require the help or the advice of a legal professional.

Neighborly Dispute

I lived next to a neighbor for 20 years without issue, but when they sold the house, those who bought it became a nightmare and we had regular issues over a 6 month period. This was in fact why I eventually had to go and get some legal advice, because things just reached a point which was no longer acceptable. This could easily happen to you, no matter how well you may get on with your neighbors. Things can change quickly, and you may need the same support that I had to reach out for.

Business Related

When you are in business there are many ways in which you can find yourself in legal problems, even through no fault of your own. A contract which has not been completed, a mistake on your behalf and even money issues between partners, all of these situations can occur from nowhere and see you require the support and services of a legal team. The world of business is wrought with legal issues and that is why so many recommend that you have a lawyer on hand when you have a business, to take care of such events.

As you can see, there are many instances whereby even the most law abiding person could find themselves in need of legal advice.