How to start up as a Digital Nomad in Toronto

You might think that you have no skills to work online and being a digital nomad is a distant pipe dream. 

Before you count yourself out, check out this quick guide on how to set yourself up for success as a digital nomad. 


A lot needs to be taken into consideration before choosing a suitable location in the city of Toronto. Consider the cost of living in that area, transportation, activities, and whether or not it is popular with nomads.

You’ll want to be around other nomads and if possible, co-working spaces.  

Skill Up

Remote work requires skills people are willing to pay for, no matter where they are, whether they’re in an office or not.

Among the most popular professions for nomads are photography, writing, and marketing. 

You can check sites such as Upwork and Fiverr to see if you have the skills that employers are looking for. 

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Set Financial Goals

Every new nomad will struggle with finances. The bills don’t stop just because you’re living the nomadic life. 

You should set clear goals that lay out the steps you need to achieve in order to live a comfortable life.

Once you manage to secure a steady income it’s time to look at setting up your investments. can help you set up all your future investments so your money works for you. 

This is the trick to gaining financial independence. 

Back Up Plans

You need to consider if there’s a way you could get to the hospital in case you need to? Travel insurance or nomad insurance is a must! 

Does your ability to work in Toronto depend on laws and regulations in the area?

Do you have a back up plan if your client suddenly stops wanting to work with you?

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Nomad Doesn’t Mean No Work

Digital nomads shouldn’t think they will sit by the pool sipping ice-cold coconuts while tapping away on their laptops.

12-hour workdays to finish a project are common. 

Keep Fit

The downsides of traveling include eating quick unhealthy meals, traveling long distances, and sleeping in uncomfortable beds. 

It’s important to do everything you can to keep yourself strong and fit.

Getting active when you arrive in a new spot can be as simple as starting a yoga practice or finding a hiking buddy.

Do You Want It Bad Enough

If you want to pursue a work-travel lifestyle like a digital nomad, be very honest with yourself about why you want to do it. It takes a lot of preparation, constant vigilance, and a high level of commitment to be successful.


You can discover if a digital-nomad lifestyle is right for you by joining online communities and attending events. 

When you arrive in Toronto connect with a network of people and ask questions before you book any tickets.

If you plan on hosting your own events you’ll need to get your hands on the best event management software possible. 

Have Fun!

One of the best things about being a nomad is the freedom. If you do it right you’ll get to experience life in a way many wish they could. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun with it.