Holidays during covid

The holidays are a favorite time of year for so many of us. It’s a chance to spend time with loved ones and take a step back from our busy lives to relax and have fun. Unfortunately, the pandemic has altered our lives in many ways over the last year, and the holidays will undoubtedly be affected as well. Here are a few ways to safely celebrate the holidays with your loved ones this year!

One way to have a safe holiday season is to throw a virtual party. I know it may not sound as fun as an in-person party, but it is less effort. For starters, you do not have to have people over at your house. That means less cleaning. Your kitchen can be a total mess, as long as you keep your camera focused on the living room. This also means less clean up after the party. You also do not have to deal with guests that over stay their welcome. Make sure you and your friends all check that their equipment like apps, cameras, and sound is working before the party. You can play a few games together or maybe watch a movie. And you can leave whenever you like! Maybe virtual parties are better than in-person parties after all.

Another way to celebrate the holidays is to send out holiday cards. I send out holiday cards every year, and I love getting cards from all my friends and relatives. Getting updates from everyone through their cards really helps me feel connected to everyone despite the pandemic. I always get my cards from Basic Invite. All of their cards are completely customizable, from font to color. Check out their cheap holiday cards when you get the chance. So cute! My family always says I send out the best cards, and personally, I have to agree. Your loved ones are sure to love hearing from you, no matter where you get your cards from, so be sure to send some out!

A final way to celebrate the holidays this year is to practice gratitude. We often hear at this time of year that the most important thing is family, love, and being grateful for what we have. If you are like me, you are usually too stressed out this time of year to actually practice gratitude or appreciate your love for family and friends. There’s just too much to do. I’ve decided to slow down my holiday season at much as possible this year to focus on the important things. A few ways to slow down is to meditate, practice deep breathing, or go for a walk, while wearing your mask of course. Practice gratitude by starting a gratitude journal, and message your family and friends about how happy you are to know them. You’ll feel closer to your loved ones this way, even though you are all far apart.

It’s disappointing to not celebrate the holiday the way we are all used to. Even though things are hard, please remember to practice thankfulness, send out holiday cards, and meet up with your loved ones online. Don’t let covid get you down, and happy holidays.