Great Family Games For a Road Trip

Given the current climate we are seeing a great increase in the number of people who are investing their time and money into domestic tourism. The pandemic and the fallout from it has largely restricted foreign travel, so discovering our own countries is very much the order of the day. This increase in domestic tourism has brought with with it a growth in the number of road trips being taken, the perfect way to truly explore. From those looking for day trips to people looking further afield, they offer the perfect way to travel under current conditions.

When preparing your trip, be sure to plan the route well, load up on snacks and supplies, get the car checked over and be sure to buy one day car insurance if you are renting a vehicle. Once all that is prepared, the next most important thing to take care of is the entertainment, and these are some games which will keep you all going on the journey.

Alphabet Game

This classic sees each person in the car taking it in turns to name something which they see, that corresponds with the next letter of the alphabet. You can add your own rules if you like, such as no car makes or something along those lines. The word has to be something which you are looking at on the journey, an M for McDonald’s for example. The person who can’t think of a word in the time limit is out.

I Spy

Given all of the crazy gadgets and extras which cars have these days, a game of I Spy is not as basic as it once was. This may not be a game which lasts for a very long time, but it is one which is sure to offer a lot of fun and some zany guesses.

License Plate Game

This is another classic road trip game, trying to put all 26 letters of the alphabet in order, quite a challenge and it is a game which requires eagle eyes. This can be set up as a competition, perhaps between two rival teams in the car, alternatively you could do it collectively as a team.

Highway Bingo

There is of course a temptation for everyone who is not driving to be stuck to their phones or their tablets caulfield cup betting, but you can peel them away with a great game of highway bingo. You can buy pre-prepared cards or instead you could design your own, the premise is that the bingo card will feature a collection of things which are likely to be seen on a journey. For example cards could have rest stops, high end cars such as a Ferrari, animals which may be seen in nearby fields and any other sight which comes to mind when you think of what you’ll see on the road. Hand the cards out to the passengers and set up a cool prize for the first person to tick all of their boxes off.

These are just some of the great games which you could be playing on your next road trip, give them a try!

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