Gigabyte set to replace exploding PSUs

Taiwanese manufacturer, Gigabyte has confirmed that they will be offering a return and exchange service for two of their power supply units (PSUs), having previously received complaints about the products exploding or failing.

Aristeidis Bitziopoulos, a PSU reviewer, and Gamers Nexus both discovered that Gigabyte’s GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM models could fail dangerously, with some found to be sparking while others were taken out dead right from the box. Before this, these models have received many negative reviews on Newegg, were previously part of a bundle along with the RTX 30-series cards, which was cited by best au online casino.

Having spent several months testing the two PSUs, Gamers Nexus found a high rate of failures in these models. 50 per cent of the GP-P750GM failed out of the PSUs the Nexus sourced from YouTube viewers or bought. He even fried a Gigabyte RTX 3080 card during the test, but it was unclear if it had anything to do with the PSU’s failure.

Gigabyte didn’t let people down as they quickly responded to the discoveries while stating their doubts. A spokesperson from Gigabyte said: “We were made aware by third parties of concerns regarding potential issues of the GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM tripping at high wattages when tested via DC Electronic Load equipment for extended lengths of time repeatedly close to the 120 per cent to 150 per cent OPP trigger point

“This level of extended testing could severely reduce the lifespan of the product and components of the GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM,” via real money casino usa.

The over-power protection (OPP) trigger point is the power supply protection that was designed to activate when you’re taking more power from a power supply than its preferred capacity. Gigabyte said that the reviewers’ force the load for ‘extended lengths of time’ but Gamers Nexus replied to their response in a video titled “Gigabyte twists the truth about exploding power supplies in dangerous way.”

Gamers Nexus went on to claim that during the testing, they only activated the OPP once on each power supply, and this shouldn’t be enough to see PSU fail its testing.

Gigabyte was reported to be attempting to modify the OPP trigger point on both the GP-P750GM and GP-P850GM, and the 850W model is now operating at a maximum of 1050W rather than the 1300W limit that was previously set before. The 750W model was reduced to an OPP trigger limit at a maximum of 925 watts, which spot a huge difference from the previous 1125W limit set before. A return and exchange service for the GP-P750GM and GP-P850GM is being offered by Gigabyte, and the details were made available on the Taiwanese manufacturer’s website.

It took over six months for Gigabyte to reply to several reports of failures and poor reviews on Newegg.