Fortnite set to launch Wonder Woman skin with a tournament

Recently we’ve been seeing Fortnite taking a new approach in their game with their heroic theme. Fortnite took it a step further as they went on to add Wonder Woman outfits in their upcoming update. 

The Amazon warrior will be joining Aquaman, Batman, the Flash, and Superman to be the latest member of the Justice League to join the popular battle royale game. All that’s left now is the addition of Green Lantern and Cyborg for all members of the League to be complete, and casino online want to see all inclusion of the DC characters.

Wonder Woman will be entering Fortnite with a big bundle of cosmetics items to boot. And just like other crossovers in the past, players will have the chance to earn the Wonder Woman Fortnite skin early on. 

Her outfit will also include a battle armour variant along with her legendary regular costume, but that won’t be the only cosmetic available for the hero. The Athena’s Battleaxe gathering tool will also be released alongside her Mantle back bling, the Golden Eagle Wings glider, as well as the loading screen that sees the Amazonian goddess posing with Batman and Superman.

Other heroes from the DC like Beast Boy and Raven have been on Fortnite Island in the last few years. Wonder Woman is the latest member of the Justice League to join Fortnite. Marvel heroes like Black Widow and many other characters from the Avengers have already made their appearance on the battle royale game.

Fortnite will be releasing the Wonder Woman skin on August 19, and to celebrate the release, Epic will be hosting the Wonder Woman Cup tournament and offer players a few challenges to complete. The challenges will all be related to the Amazonian warrior.

On August 18, duo teams will be allowed to play a maximum of 10 matches in three hours to win as many points as they could. In each region, the top teams will be handed the Wonder Woman skin with the Diana’s Mantle cape as a back bling item, which is also available on jeux de machines a sous.

The average teams that scored at least eight points will be given the “Honorary Amazons” loading screen art, which includes several Fortnite characters going into battle along with the new Wonder Woman.

For players that want to participate in the tournament, you can also change your server region by opening the “options” menu, then scroll to the “Game,” and picking the server region you wish to play in. This will help them pick the time most suitable for them.

However, the Wonder Woman Cup can only be entered once with each Epic account, and changing regions could cause lag sometimes. So, if you want to choose a different region to play from, understand the risk first.