Doing it For Healthcare Workers Fighting Against Coronavirus, Short Term Rentals NYC Step Up

During this year we have seen some tremendous acts of bravery and kindness as we all do what we can to fight this pandemic. Of course it is impossible to think of heroes without thinking about the healthcare and the frontline workers which have been rising their lives every single day in order to save ours. Many business around the world have been doing their bit to help out healthcare workers, and the same is true here in the US too. Amongst those doing it for healthcare workers fighting against Coronavirus short term rentals NYC  have taken some truly incredible steps which have helped out so many of those healthcare workers.

Many short term rentals have opened their doors to healthcare workers for free or for heavily discounted rates, and here is just how it has helped them so much.

Away From Families

So many healthcare workers have been away from their families now for a long time, because of the risk they pose to them. Furthermore we have seen a large number of healthcare workers coming from areas of the country which do not have high numbers of cases, who have taken the steps to come and support their colleagues in other cities, they too needed somewhere to stay.

Comfort and a Place to Live

It is only right that these men and women, following a tough and exhausting day in the hospital, are able to come back to a place which is comfortable and which is homely, so that they can properly rest themselves. These brave heroes deserve this and the short term housing companies have stepped up for them and made it happen.

Taking Measures

All of these short term rentals have greatly upped their game with regards to the measures which they have put in place for those staying with them. From professional cleaners who are sanitizing the space each day to the closure of amenities and the skeleton level staffing, all of these steps have been made to keep guests safe. For the healthcare worker, this means that they have somewhere to stay which will keep them safe, so that they can continue fighting the great fight.


It is not just the physical exhaustion which these healthcare workers are going through, but the mental toll of what they are doing as well. This again is why they need a quiet and a homely space where they can actually decompress and recharge the batteries before they go and do it all over again.

This has been a year where we have seen the very best of these incredible men and women and we have also seen the best of so many businesses. Those who are offering their short term rentals for discounted prices to those healthcare workers is a perfect example of that and it is a perfect symbol of the togetherness which so many are showing during this tough year.