Best Cities In Canada To Live With Children

1. Ottawa, Ontario

Canada’s capital, Ottawa is known for its exceptional work opportunities and educational institutions. With universities renowned across the globe, it’s easy to see why Ottawa is a great choice.

If education is important to you and your family look no further, Ottawa has the highest university graduates in the country (31%).

Unemployment rate is estimated to be around 5.1% with an average household income of $114, 250. If you want to purchase a home in Ottawa be prepared to pay on average $510,000 for your new family home.

Are you a professional working couple with kids? No problem, Ottawa has very affordable daycare options to choose from. The average monthly cost of daycare in Ottawa is only $1,003.

After you’re done with work there are plenty of social events happening throughout the city. With a population of just shy of 1,000,000 you’re bound to make new friends in no time.

Take the family on a day out on the Rideau Canal in the summer and then enjoy an amazing dinner at the abundance of restaurants scattered throughout the city.

2. Toronto, Ontario

In 2019 the city changed forever winning its first NBA championship. It really put Toronto on the map. Situated along Lake Ontario’s shore it’s a multicultural city with huge skyscrapers and the iconic CN Tower.

Of course this is Toronto, so the city will have you covered for all your shopping needs. Walk the city streets and enjoy some window shopping for anything from earrings, to a brand new Lamborghini.

Don’t let the concrete jungle fool you though, there are plenty of city parks and green spaces to relax in with the kids.

Toronto isn’t limited to basketball so you’ll find all kinds of sporting facilities for you kids to play at. When your kids aren’t playing sports, go on a hike in the 400 acre High Park and explore the trails.

If you’re looking to settle into Toronto or its surrounds such as the Mississauga area you’ll need some help from a realestate agent. Mississauga real estate is in high demand so be sure to give yourself enough time to find the deal that suits you.

The city of Toronto really has it all. For more information on Toronto check out Canada Visa here.

3. Calgary, Alberta

Voted as one of the most liveable cities in the world on the Global Index. It also has the pleasure of taking home top spot for highest earning household income.

With fantastic job opportunities especially in the oil industry, and plenty of sound education institutes Calgary can offer a great family life. The University of Calgary boasts just over 30,000 students and fantastic facilities for your kids.

By now you probably guess that most cities have amazing parks and nature and Calgary is no different. Stunning parks and gardens situated among heritage sites offer plenty of past time opportunities.

Visit a market or if you and the kids like adventure go check out a rodeo hosted in July!

If adventure is not your thing Calgarys’ quaint suburbs are the perfect place to stay home and play the Zelda video game with the kids. Just remember to limit their screen time!

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