Anonymous social media app Yik Yak makes a return to the world

Having shut down four years ago, Yik Yak the anonymous social media app that was once popular with college students has finally returned from the dead under new ownership, inspired several interests.

According to the app’s website, this new Yik Yak purchased the rights to redevelop the service in February 2021, with an aim to creating a local social media network that’ll be free from the labels that dominate communication on several platforms, and best Australia online casino was pleased with this.

This new app takes a familiar stance when compared to the version of Yik Yak from 2014: The users can post and comment on short posts that can only be seen within a five-mile radius. For those who are familiar with Reddit, posts can be down voted and up voted, and there’s also a separate “hot” feed that compiles the top post in the last 24 hours.

The app was previously introduced to the world in late 2013, the app was a huge success and was especially popular at college campuses for most of 2014, and the investors valued the app at $400 million. Although the anonymity made it popular among college students, Yik Yak was also filled with harassment and cyber-bullying. 

In early 2016, the app attempted to get it back on track by adding optional social media handles, which were made compulsory in August of that year. But this automatically removed the feature that made the service unique from other platforms at the time. 

Back in 2017, Yik Yak ultimately shut down and it was sold for $1 million to Square who valued its engineering talent and IP.

Fast forward to 2021, Yik Yak is now taking a new and serious stance on harassment and cyber-bullying on its platform, which is something the first version failed to do or maybe ran out of clues. The new ownership dropped a long list of its “community guardrails,” including forbidding sharing of personal information, “anything that could be construed as bullying, abuse, defamation, harassment, stalking, or targeted hate or public humiliation,” and more.

The new team, which won the rights to develop the app in February, stated on the relaunched website via casino en ligne francais: “We’re committed to combating bullying and hate speech on the Yik Yak platform by any means necessary.”

The company noted that any violation like hate speech and threats, of the community guardrails or terms of service, will lead to an effective ban from the platform. Post that gains a total score of -5 will be hidden from public viewing to ensure that negative content won’t be seen.

This new Yik Yak is only available on iOS for users in the United States, but the developers made a promise to increase the users to other devices and countries.