Adam Seger – Errors People Make When Cooking Steak

Cooking steak is something which I find very easy, but that is only thanks to the advice of top chef Adam Seger, who gave me something of a crash course some years ago. Something which I have noticed ever since I was shown how to properly cook steak, is the number of errors which people make when they cook a nice fine cut of beef.

Today then I am going to describe some of these mistakes, and if you find that you are guilty of any of them, hopefully this list will help you o improve your game a little. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest errors which are made.

Straight From The Fridge

One of the most common mistakes which is made is when people cook steak straight out of the fridge. This is a big mistake because when the meat is in the fridge it hardens as it cools. If you then cook straight out of the fridge, you will only maintain this hardness and it will result in a tough steak. You also shock the meat when you cook in this way, and that means that you end up with tough and grisly pieces of fat, which nobody wants to eat. The best course of action is to take the steak out and bring it up to room temperature, then afterwards you can use a cast iron frying pan to fry it or an Anova sous vide cooker to cook it down.

Let It Chill

Once the steak is finished you should always allow the meat to rest before serving, again this is what will ensure that the meat is soft and supple when you eat it. When you cook the meat you have all kinds of movement inside as the juices bounce around with the heat, letting the meat rest will enable these juices to spread out evenly and that is what will give you the best finish, with the softest meat.

Flipping the Steak

Contrary to what many people think, you really don’t need to keep on flipping the steak when it is cooking. In fact the more you flip the steak the worse a finish you will get. The best option here is to allow the steak to cook on one side, until around half of the steak is cooked, flip it once and then allow the steak to finish cooking, that is really all you need.

Failure To Season

The better that you season your steak the tastier it is going to be when you serve it. What you should do here is cover each side in a teaspoon of olive oil, with a healthy dash of salt and pepper. Do this when you first take the steak out of the fridge, so that you can allow it to get to room temperature and take on those delicious flavors before you cook. The better that you season in the beginning, the better that your steak will eventually taste.

That is it, the four most common mistakes which are made, which worsen the eventual flavor of the steak.