5 Tips For Moving Into A New Home

Moving homes can be time consuming and really stressful. Below are 5 things DASH Security Systems QLD suggest when moving into your new home.

1. The Home Walkthrough

A walkthrough of your new empty home is a great way of figuring out what needs to be done and what goes where.

Take the time to plan the unpacking so it goes as smoothly as possible, think about how you’re going to arrange furniture. It’s also a good time to measure out rooms or take note of what walls need patching or light fittings need to be replaced.

Look at what appliances you might need to check on. For example, if you’re moving mid-west then a hand held rock salt spreader would be useful to make the driverway safe to walk on when it snows, or if you’re moving south make sure the air conditioning has been recently serviced.

As you’re moving to a new neighborhood, you’ll want to make sure you home security is up to scratch with quality doors, windows and locks, as well as an alarm system like Verisure Alarms.

2. Host A Housewarming

Okay so this one is a bit of a curveball but, no move is official until you’ve had a housewarming party.

In some cultures, they hold ceremonies with the whole community when someone moves into a new home.

You don’t have to go as far as a welcoming ceremony but a nice bottle of wine with friends is a start.

Don’t have any wine? No worries, Evoke Winery has you covered.

3. Set Up Utilities – Change Your Address.

Remember to set up and change the address on those pesky utility bills. You don’t want to get hit with overdue fees because you simply forgot to update your address.

There’s no harm in calling your providers confirming that your gas, water, electricity, heating etc are all set up and connected.

Often overlooked by many new home movers, make sure you call your local waste management company to confirm your waste disposal is all set up as for example, a waste disposal set up from rent.com 1 bedroom apartments in Miami may be different from apartments in New York City,

Finally, familiarise yourself with the power box and main water outlets for the home in case you need to shut these off in an emergency or conduct any repairs on your home.

4. Prioritize Any Repairs

If you conducted your walkthrough and noted down repairs that need to take place don’t stall on them. A home inspection by indiana pest control will also give you a list of any repaires you may need to avoid infestation.

You should prioritize which repairs need to be done first and put a timeline on them. Give yourself a reasonable time to settle into your new home and complete the repairs.

Depending on your climate you should have a unique set of repairs or improvements to make. One thing to consider when living in a cold climate is to check to see if you have freeze protection on your piping.

These freeze protection systems are crucial in harsh cold climates and come highly recommended. For the best frost protection for pipes check out the guys from Heat-Line.

5. Look To Save Energy Where Possible

For years now savvy homeowners have been looking for smart new ways to save energy consumption in their homes.

You might have seen the “off the grid” style homes that have started to take the internet by storm, and thought, how can I best save energy consumption in my home?

There’s the latest and greatest in battery powered homes from the legendary creator of Tesla Elon Musk. Of course not everyone can afford to switch to battery power and look for other options that harness the power of mother nature.

Of course I’m talking about solar power. Solar has become a staple for many homeowners looking to save money.

Hydro Solar is a 4 in 1 system that will heat/cool your home, produce hot water and even heat your pool or spa. Visit this website to find out more about Hydro Solar!