Will We Soon Reach a Point at Which Coding Skills Are No Longer Required?

In a world in which artificial intelligence is rapidly taking over a great number of jobs, and people are sat at home playing online bingo, careers in computer development have always been seen as reliable for the future. After all, most coding roles on websites and games require creativity and ingenuity, skills that AI is unlikely to replicate any time soon.

However, there are indications emerging that suggest that coding may no longer be a necessary skill for many people in the years ahead. This is because it is getting easier for almost anyone to create their own digital content using pre-existing models, engines, and templates.

Website-Building Tools Have Made it Easier for Anyone to Create Pages

In the past, building a website or creating a game were things that were only done by computer experts. Times are changing, though, and even people with basic digital skills can use modern methods to create their own pages. There are countless website builders that allow people to make personal and business sites, and these often look just as good as the ones that have been professionally made.

Indeed, it’s even possible for laypeople to make high-functioning business pages now without having any knowledge of programming. For example, there are sportsbook software providers that allow people to make their own betting sites. These have all the systems in place to allow business owners to start taking bets, offer welcome bonuses, and pay out winnings to lucky players. All the aspects of the sites can be adapted to fit with the designer’s personal vision, but they never have to see or edit any background code.

Coding Has Always Been Seen as a Great Career Path for the Future

There is no need to worry just yet about coding falling out of favour as a potential career path. According to research, there is 23.5 per cent projected job growth for programmers over the next decade. In addition to that, simply learning the trade and having coding skills can boost people’s prospects in other positions outside of programming. For instance, some companies may want their employees to be able to design elements of their website on a part-time basis, meaning that they don’t have to pay any third parties to do so.

It’s also true that the internet will always need coders at the highest level to build all the various templates and engines for end users to take advantage of. Even though you can use a website builder to construct your own pages nowadays, these still require experts to make sure all the elements are in place and functioning properly. People certainly shouldn’t be put off the idea of becoming coders, but they should be aware that the career may not be as fruitful as it is now forever.

With tools like website builders and readymade platforms helping people with no coding experience out, it can be worrying for coders who want to enjoy a long and fruitful career. However, it is highly likely that skilled programmers will always be required. They will be needed to create these platforms, as well as push innovation forward in other fields.