What to Expect From Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Losing a breast is a terrible thing to happen to any woman and although in most cases this is done to save you from cancer cells, it is still a tough thing to go through. Thankfully however we have some brilliant breast reconstruction specialists around the world who are able to help women who have had a mastectomy.

Many women are concerned about this type of procedure and in many cases they refuse to have it done because they think that the results will not be optimal. There are other women who also would prefer to stay the way that they are and to use bras and clothing to make up for the missing breast. The truth is however that the surgeons who carry out these breast reconstruction surgeries are absolutely incredible and so highly talented. If you do decide that this is the path for you, here is what you can expect.

Full Disclosure

This entire procedure will be done with you involved every step of the way. The surgeon will sit with you and show you an image of the breast that they will create, they will take any thoughts and concerns which you have into consideration and they will be sure to get your sign off on the design of the breast before they get started. This is important for the patient as it means that they are walking into a situation fully aware of how things will be during the procedure and afterwards.

Great Results

The success rate with a procedure like this is absolutely staggering and there is no need for any patient to worry about things potentially going wrong. Not only are the surgeons phenomenal at what they do, the techniques and the methods which they use have been tried and tested and they all but guarantee perfect results.

Pain, Tenderness, Swelling

Much like when you get a breast implant, the body has to react to this new addition and that will involve some pain, swelling and a very tender chest area. This is nothing to worry about, it is perfectly natural and after just a few days you will begin to see this reduce, and the pain lower. You will have to stay off your feet for a little while as you properly heal, and avoid physical exertion for a month or two following the surgery. Assuming you adhere to these rules however, you will be back on your feet within a month.


The most common response from women who have had this procedure done is that they felt more confident than ever before. They were happier with their form and they felt far more comfortable to wear tops and other items of clothing which showed some skin in the cleavage area. This confidence boost is enough to completely change your life and this is why so many women opt to go for a surgery such as this.

If you are on the fence then maybe read some success stories to convince you how positive a move this would be.