What Do Managed IT Services Companies Do?

Most managed IT services companies (MIS) provide either application support, network support, or both. MIS will generally work with the client to identify issues, prioritize them and then resolve them.

Most MIS companies take care of daily functions like patching software, monitoring networks for security issues, and general housekeeping that keeps systems running smoothly without much intervention from the client.

Many of these it managed services provider teams offer a menu of services, so the client can pick and choose which ones they would like to use. For example, some might want more proactive monitoring, and others might only need patches kept up to date. As a result, MIS offerings are usually customized for each client.

MIS companies also provide a full range of IT consulting or IT advisory services. This includes helping to determine which software packages would be most beneficial to the client, putting in disaster recovery plans, and generally advising clients on how best to use their IT budgets.

5 Services Managed IT Services Companies Can Provide

1. Monitoring Your Network

An MIS company can install software on your network that will monitor many aspects of the system. This would include things like virus protection, anti-spam settings, Internet security ports, and much more. When this type of monitoring is done pro-actively, it is referred to as NOC (network operations center) monitoring.

2. Patches and Updates

Managed it services can prioritize updates and patches for your company. The MIS company will usually use a patch management system that manages the process from start to finish. This would include things like validating if a client machine is on the compliant list, deploying it throughout the network, verifying that they were installed correctly, and reporting back to the client’s system.

3. Help with Disaster Recovery

MIS companies can help clients create disaster recovery plans that will provide for the rapid recovery of systems in the event of an emergency. In addition, some MIS companies offer to manage backup services for their clients, which means they are responsible for keeping backups up to date and available when needed.

4. Managing Your IT Assets

MIS companies can manage the procurement process for clients. They are responsible for managing all of the client’s IT equipment, services, or software purchases. This would include things like negotiating prices to get the best possible deal, making sure that maintenance agreements are in place, and scheduling when equipment needs to be replaced, so it is available when you need it.

5. Implementing and Managing Security Systems

MIS companies can assist clients in implementing security measures like firewalls, anti-virus software, or data encryption policies. They can also provide client education to ensure that everyone understands the importance of these security measures and how they work. In addition, MIS companies offer all kinds of security services like vulnerability assessments, intrusion detection, and security audits.

MIS companies can also help small businesses improve their cash flow by offering credit card processing services at discounted rates or even free of charge. The MIS company will often use an outside provider to provide these services, but the client is the one that pays for them.

What Is Typically Covered by Managed IT Services

Anything related to computers or networks that can be remotely monitored and maintained is usually covered. This would include servers, desktops, firewalls, routers, modems, workstations, and even printers. However, some MIS companies don’t cover wireless devices because the range of issues they could face is greater.


Information technology management is a growing field for small business owners because IT departments are becoming more and more complicated. The days of simply having someone who can turn on the computer in the morning are over, especially for businesses that rely heavily on computers or networks to get their work done. Having an MIS company monitor your systems can be a great way to ensure that everything is running smoothly to focus on your business.

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