TOP 3 Caribbean Citizenship Programs

The time you spend in the next countries will be enjoyable and carefree. You can consider unique offers to stay on the islands as long as possible. Program participants are not limited in action, so they take the chance to develop their business and take a comfortable break from the hustle and bustle.

An assortment of options will allow you to decide based on expectations. Explore Antigua citizenship by investment and other ways to move to the Paradise Islands. Specialist recommendations and expert opinions will help you find the best program and begin the paperwork.

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship Program

It’s worth starting with the most advantageous offers. Passport holders will find a lot of advantages and an uncomplicated procedure. Forming an application with the help of an Imin Caribbean expert Samuel Ojo will become much easier and more pleasant.

Benefits of the Antigua Citizenship Program

It is worth paying attention to the program on how to get second citizenship in Caribbean countries for one good reason: the cost of passports for the family will be only 25 thousand dollars per person. However, this alone will not be satisfying because citizenship allows:

  • forget about getting a visa to cross the borders of Britain and other countries;
  • quickly complete the application and receive a decision within three months;
  • appreciate the advantages of a democratic system of government.

No renunciation of citizenship is necessary, so you keep your first passport. Young people can study at renowned universities and receive a scholarship. Also, don’t forget the pleasant climate and year-round sunshine on Antigua’s beaches.

Requirements and Application Process

Adult investors can apply. Family members can be added to the list of participants. The investment amount is calculated (from 100 to 150 thousand dollars) depending on the number of applicants. Applicants direct the funds to the purchase of real estate or contribute to the relevant organizations. The application takes 90 days to process.

Dominica Citizenship Program

The program’s attractiveness is unquestionable because the research of experts for many years confirms the profitability of the proposal. A brief overview of the main features will help you to get advice and assess the possibilities.

Benefits of the Dominica Citizenship Program

Interest in Dominica’s program is not waning. This is due not only to the assessments of international experts but also to the advantages of living in the country. Passport holders use all opportunities to develop existing businesses further.

Problem-free travel and low cost of participation are the main reasons for the interest of foreigners. To this, we can add modern medicine, the educational system, and the offer to add close relatives to the application.

Requirements and Application Process

Applicants go through a multi-step check, including a background check. A criminal record or open criminal case is grounds for refusal. The trustworthiness of potential citizens is of primary importance. The cost of the Caribbean passport depends on the option chosen:

  • a non-refundable contribution to the Diversification Fund (from $100,000);
  • investing in real estate (from 200 thousand dollars).

Adding applicants comes with a price increase. In addition, there are additional costs — for example, a fee for processing the application.

Saint Kitts Citizenship Program

An expedited processing option will allow you to get your passport in a short period of time. This is how the St. Kitts citizenship program differs from previous ones. Applicants can also get a favorable offer that will reduce the amount of investment.

Benefits of the St Kitts Citizenship Program

Health care, quality of life, and travel to different countries are characteristics that attract attention. In addition, other benefits in the form of a new tax system and no capital gains taxes are available to applicants. 

All island citizens are exempt from needing to reside in the country permanently. Thus, working trips and control of new projects will not prevent using the passport.

Requirements and Application Process

Return on investment on this island will interest investors who intend to work after obtaining citizenship. The contribution amount is 200 thousand dollars, but there is a chance to get a discount. The term of the alternative offer is limited, so you need to find a reliable assistant in advance to participate in the program.

Among the main requirements are compulsory health insurance, the availability of funds to make contributions, and trustworthiness. It is not difficult to find out more, so there are no problems clarifying the information.


Thanks to the comparison of several Caribbean citizenship programs, you can find a suitable solution based on your requirements. To do this, it is worth enlisting the help of professionals who will help you choose a proposal. The details of the application process and the requirements for foreigners are reviewed after the country has been determined.