Title: 5 Best Ways to Advertise on TikTok

TikTok has turned into one of the leading social media platforms for creators and advertisers alike. With the kind of popularity, TikTok has received, a well-designed and strategized advertisement on this platform can do wonders for a business.

Each social networking platform is different and strategies also need to be altered likewise. And since we know that the platform has a younger audience base, grabbing one’s attention can become a little tricky as they tend to think differently.

So, here are 5 best ways that will help your brand advertise on TikTok in a much better way:

Create Vertical Videos

A vertical video is intended for viewing in portrait mode. Most of the social media channels, especially TikTok, have already embraced vertical videos as they are ideal for mobile phone screens. As it is a vertical platform itself, creating advertisements in vertical video formats can help you maximize user and improve the overall experience. Although you can also upload square videos, advertisements with a 9:16 ratio will offer much better performance and results.

Make it Engaging

As an advertiser, you need to grab the user’s attention quickly else you will be scrolled. You need to offer a visual impact as soon as the video starts to keep the viewer engaged and watch it entirely. You need to do thorough research as to what motivates and entertains your audience to incorporate eye-catching, surprising, or even shocking elements that will hook them from the very beginning.

Incorporate Music

Previously known as Musical.ly, TikTok has musical and melodious origins. And since everyone loves at least one kind of musical genre, incorporating some harmonious tunes can help you advertise even better. Music can help your audience connect to your brand in a whole new and refreshing way that can spark greater engagement. You should also try to go geo-specific by including popular and trendy sounds/songs based on your audience’s location to gather more attention

Keep it Crisp

TikTok as a social media channel hosts videos that are 15 seconds to three minutes long. This means that you need to convey your brand story and deliver your best elevator pitch within a very short span of time. Moreover, the viewers come across a bunch of advertisements which also makes you compete with them. Thus, it is better to keep your content concise and crisp in order to convey your message quickly but also in an effective manner. According to experts, videos that are only 10-25 seconds long tend to be more powerful.

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Be Trendy

As mentioned before, TikTok has a young audience base which means, an advertiser needs to adopt a more trendy and quirky way of delivering their message. You need to include viral challenges, trendy songs or music, or a signature dance move to get noticed by the audience and even create a better user experience for them.

We hope that these tips will help you advertise your brand on TikTok in a much better that will help you gain more leads.