The Best Handheld Devices in 2023

Technology makes our lives easier and more entertaining in so many ways, we now use tech devices to carry out many of our day to day tasks. Many devices now come in handheld size and are designed with convenience and ease of use in mind. 

Technological devices have become more sophisticated over the years and software has progressed within many industries, from gaming, with the development of AI dealer software and online educational resources for users on poker ranking hands, to artistry with graphic design applications. There are now a huge range of devices with impressive capabilities.

From game consoles to tech accessories, here are some of the best handheld devices currently on the market:

Evercade EXP – best for old school gaming

Playing retro games for nostalgia is a great way to pass the time. You may remember games like Streetfighter and Strider from your younger years, now you can enjoy them once again on the Evercade EXP.

This device is the evolution of the original console and brings with it some exciting new features. Games come as old-fashioned cartridges, however the console is also WIFI enabled.

You can access libraries of games that were once played on retro consoles like the Atari and the Commodore 64. Each game cartridge can hold up to 20 individual games.

The device has a manageable 4.3-inch IPS screen size, charges with a USB-C type cable and has a mini HDMI output. The battery life isn’t hugely impressive at approximately five hours, however this device’s vastly improved specs and performance and affordable price point are big plus points.

Samsung S Pen Pro – best android stylus

Stylus pens are handy for lots of different reasons but for digital artists and graphic designers, they are often an essential piece in their toolkit. You might use the pen for jotting down notes, editing images or sketching out ideas. 

If you have a Samsung android tablet, the Samsung S Pen Pro may be one of the best styluses that money can buy.

There are not many android stylus options with pressure sensitivity but the Samsung S Pen Pro comes with 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, making it comparable to Apple Pencils. You can use the Pen Pro with both Samsung tables and compatible Samsung smartphones. 

The Pen has a rechargeable Li-Ion battery with decent battery life and there is one button on the side. However, if you are on a budget then there are much cheaper options for stylus pens out there for android devices. 

Apple Watch Ultra – best premium smartwatch

The Apple Watch Ultra is the premium Apple smartwatch and is built with adventure in mind. It can withstand all different types of terrain and activities, from swimming to mountain climbing. 

The device has a large 1.9″ OLED display and uses an Apple S8 processor. The battery life of this watch is 36 hours, making it convenient for long hikes and lengthy workout sessions. Charging is easy and wireless too.

It has all the connectivity you would expect, including bluetooth, WIFI, LTE and NFC. For swimming, its IP rating states that it is water resistant in up to 100m. One of the great things about this watch is the ability to use it as a GPS with its large, readable display.

This is a capable and powerful watch from a brand known for its innovative tech, it worth the investment if you are likely to use its main features regularly. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra – best android tablet

Looking for a powerful android tablet? Then look no further than the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. This device has a larger than average 14.6-inch screen, which makes it ideal for bingeing Netflix series, watching movies or creating intricate artwork.

For photography, there is a 12MP ultra-wide camera on the front and storage of up to 512 GB depending on which package you select. If you are going to be travelling a lot with this tablet, it is worth noting that it isn’t the lightest device on the market at 726g. 

If you’ll be doing a lot of writing on the tablet, a keyboard folio is recommended and can be purchased separately. 

These are just some of the top handheld devices in 2023, reading online reviews and asking friends and family for their recommendations are great ways to help narrow down your options when making a purchasing decision.