Popular Valorant Agents and Their Pro Players

Valorant has been a massive brand in the esports industry since it launched in 2020. It features unique game mechanics and is a hit among gaming enthusiasts globally. The first-person shooter game currently has a diverse roster of 22 agents, each possessing special abilities that help gain an advantage in a match. 

To discover the best agents to place Valorant bets on, or climb up the ranked ladder, look no further than this top-tier list, highlighting popular Valorant agents and their pro players. 

#1 Sage

Top pro players: Shao, SicK, Zyppan

Sage is a versatile agent that can adapt to different situations, making her a solid pick in most team compositions. In addition, her healing abilities make her a valuable asset to any team, allowing her to keep herself and her teammates alive throughout the match. 

Her ability to revive a fallen teammate and create barriers to block enemies’ paths or slow them down adds to her utility. Moreover, the information gained from enemies destroying her wall or orb can provide valuable intel to the team. 

#2 Reyna

Top pro players: TenZ, Yay, cNed

Rayna is a powerful agent in solo queue plays. She has a lot of potential abilities that can be a game-changer in the right hands. In addition, her toolkit, which includes the ability to heal herself, take aggressive duels, and reposition, makes her a formidable opponent in ranked play. 

Reyna is beginner-friendly and popular among players who create alternate accounts to play against lower-skilled opponents. Valorant pro players, including TenZ, Yay, and cNed, use her blind and ultimate abilities in entry and domination. Reyna is commonly called a ”feast or famine” agent, which means she heavily relies on the skill of the player controlling her. 

#3 Raze

Top pro players: TenZ, Asuna, Sinatraa

Raze is a simple agent who picks up easy kills with her rocket ultimate and Paint Shells cluster grenades. However, she’s one of the strongest agents in Valorant regarding clearing utility. Her Blast Packs and Paint Shells can quickly clear default Nanoswarm and Tripwire spots, providing an easy path to the site. On defense, these abilities are great for slowing down enemy pushes.

Raze’s Boom Bot is an excellent tool for gathering intel and clearing corners. This is why it is popular among pro players like TenZ and Asuna. However, Raze’s Blast Packs need practice and skills for practical use.  

#4 Sova

Top pro players: ShaZam, Hiko, Redgar

Sova is a highly specialized agent in Valorant, primarily used for surveillance. He is an initiator with abilities such as Shock Bolts that are useful for clearing traps, chipping away at enemies, and stopping pushes. Although his ultimate can result in free kills, mastering this agent requires a significant time investment in the game’s range. 

His Owl Drone is a perfect follow-up to the Recon Bolt for gaining intel on areas the bolt couldn’t reach. Sova’s abilities make him equally useful on both attack and defense, making him the top agent for supporting a site push. 

#5 Jett

Top pro players: TenZ, ShahZam, cNed

Jett is a high-risk, high-reward agent perfect for players who want to take on a dueling challenge and have confidence in their shooting abilities. Her ability to hover, dash, soar into the air, and create clouds that obscure vision allows her to move around the arena quickly and unpredictably. Pro players who use Jett apply her mobility to charge onto a site, disorient the defense, and create pathways for the rest of their team to follow. 

Moreover, Jett’s dashing ability encourages players to take unconventional and risky positions, shoot, and immediately retreat. With her speed, agility, and ability to escape any situation, Jett is an ideal agent if you like to play aggressively. 

#6 Viper

Top pro players: nAts, Klaus, Shroud

Viper is a highly effective controller agent with unparalleled expertise in the post-plant phase of the game. She is the only controller agent to deal significant damage while slowing enemy movement. In addition, she excels at securing large areas and holding off aggressive enemy pushes, making her an excellent choice for players looking to climb the ranks quickly in the controller category.

While Viper can be challenging to master, she can single-handedly lock down an entire site in the hands of a pro player. This makes her an excellent choice for defensive play, where timing her abilities correctly can be lethal to the opposing team.

#7 Phoenix

Top pro players: Asuna, SicK

Phoenix’s signature abilities, Hot Hands and Blaze allow him to create zones of fire that deal damage to enemies while also healing him. These abilities are excellent for clearing out tight spaces and holding down angles. Phoenix’s ultimate, Run It Back, allows him to respawn at his previous location if he dies within a set period, making him an excellent entry fragger.

While Phoenix may not have as much utility as other agents, he makes up for it with his self-sufficiency and fragging potential. In addition, he can be played effectively on attack and defense, making him a versatile pick for pro and novice players.