Novel Gifts for Men & Boys

While the Holidays may have come and gone, there are still many occasions for gift-giving in the New Year.  Birthdays, Father’s Day, and many other occasions where you just want to treat your loved one to something special.

No matter what his interests are, you are sure to find something that will suit him perfectly.

Portable Espresso Machine

For the coffee lover, why not a portable espresso maker?  Hiking, a day at the beach, at the office, this will go anywhere.  You can find these units operating on batteries and even as fully manual.

For those who love coffee, having the ability to take their coffee with them, and make it on the go is a real treat.

Gel Blaster

If your region allows them, they are a great gift for all the kids in your family.  Shooting water, or gel balls, about the worst that can happen to you, is you get wet.  Kids of all ages love them, even grown-up kids.  There are indoor and outdoor venues to engage in games and competitions.  TacToys Australia is a great place to purchase your toy, but also to find out more about this exciting sport.

Laptop Desk

It seems as though everyone has a laptop computer.  Have you seen someone trying to balance it in their lap, or on their knees? Portable laptop desks make good gifts for men and women.  It will help keep the laptop balanced and provide space for the mouse and phone.  It allows for working from a comfortable chair, or couch, or even while reclining in bed.  

Portable Air Compressor

Pack this in the family sedan, and hit the road without worrying about flats or blowouts.  Use it to pump up bicycle tyres, or air mattresses, when you go camping.  There are lots of handy uses for a portable air compressor.

Portable Pressure Washer

Want to keep your car clean?  How about your driveway, fences and patios? You can even use it to blow leaves out of your gutters.  A good portable pressure washer is a handy tool for every man to have around the house to help with keeping your vehicles, and hard surfaces clean and looking good.

Smart Paper Airplane Kit

Crashproof, cell phone-controlled paper airplanes will provide hours of fun, entertainment and education for all of your kids, even the biggest ones.  The best paper airplanes will steer and stay airborne.

Make your loved ones’ day special, by getting them a unique, and useful gift for the occasion.