Know How Getting Your CEH Certification Can Skyrocket Your Cybersecurity Career

In the digital age, where data is the life of every organisation, safeguarding it is extremely essential. The innovative techniques in cyber attacks keep every individual in the organisation on the verge. Considering the scenario, a skilled professional with thorough knowledge can handle the looming threat and offer relief. 

If you believe yourself to be the one, why not prove it? A certification capable of quality evaluation is the answer. CEH certification is the right choice for any aspiring or professional cybersecurity expert. From a high acceptance rate in organisations to being among the requirements of eligible candidates, it offers numerous ways to offer exponential growth to one’s career. To learn exactly how, read on!

Understanding CEH Certification 

Candidates interested in choosing their career path in ethical hacking are required to prove their skills and capabilities. CEH certification is a globally recognized popular certificate issued by the EC-Council. 

The EC-Council, or International Council of E-Commerce Consultants, offers two distinct types of CEH certifications: CEH (ANSI) and CEH (Practical).

  • CEH(ANSI) involves the candidate’s assessment of wide aspects of ethical hacking and information security. It requires minimal preparation and is in high demand among employers. 
  • CEH(Practical) is the optional certification requiring CEH(ANSI) as the prerequisite. It comprises a hands-on and scenario-based lab. Successful completion of both exams allows exam takers to earn a Master’s degree in CEH. 

Importance of CEH Certification in Boosting Cybersecurity Career

Being widely recognized, the CEH Certification holds immense potential to boost the cybersecurity career of its owner. Here’s how it accomplishes the mentioned: 

1. Wide Career Opportunities 

The certification holder gets access to apply for distinct job options with roles like

  • Cybersecurity auditors 
  • IT security administrators 
  • Cyber defense analysts 
  • Mid-level information security auditor 
  • Information security analyst 1
  • Network engineers 
  • SOC security analysts and many more. 

2. High Demand 

As per the report of US BLS, around 32% growth in the employment of information security analysts is expected to be witnessed by 2032. 

Further, with the advent of AI, the rate and ease of cybercrime are on the rise. Skilled professionals who are able to gauge cybercriminals’ moves and take proactive measures are in demand and will be required in the future as well. This ability is verified by CEH certification. 

3. Specificity in Knowledge  

CEH certification assesses the candidates over core knowledge, thus making it a specific exhibitor of candidates’ potential. It covers security risks, platforms and tools critical to the management of security issues in the organisation. Further, the official training program requires a minimum of 2 years of prior exposure to IT security. Adding to it, CEH certification offers a mimicked version of real-world cyber threats to work and learn from. It indicates the candidate’s relevant experience and capabilities to perform the desired job. 

4. Updated Knowledge 

The advancements in this sector are being witnessed daily. Remaining updated with methodologies, tools, and technologies is key to being competent. CEH certification assesses the candidates’ grasp of the latest commercial-grade hacking tools, techniques and methodologies. It makes the candidate highly employable for the organisations. 

5. Easy Path to Career Change 

Available by taking a 5-day bootcamp and clearing an exam, the CEH certification is a shortcut and easy method to switch the career into the field of ethical hacking. Further global recognition and requirements among employees make it a professionally relevant choice to boost cybersecurity careers. 

6. Higher Earning Potential

The possession of certification indicates the candidate’s capabilities and skills. Offering exposure to more than 500 unique attack techniques and 3500 hacking tools, the higher proficiency in the field is certain to make room for higher earning potential. The average salary of a Certified Ethical Hacker is around INR 7,78,000 per year. 

7. Potential For Growth 

Besides monetary benefits, the CEH certification offers career growth for already employed individuals or professionals in the field. The will to learn indicates that candidates’ interest and commitment to the career are sought positively by the employers. It can lead to offerings for newer or more challenging projects. 

8. Eligibility to Apply 

Based on data from cybersecurity professionals employed in top government agencies or Fortune 500 companies, around 92% of hiring managers offer preference to candidates with CEH certification. With hiring in both government and private sectors requiring efficient Certified Ethical Hackers, the CEH certification sets an efficient benchmark. Candidates having earned the certificate have better opportunities to apply. 


Ethical hacking is an evolving and growing sector in current and upcoming times. With cyber security at the forefront to protect the reputation and information of and from organisations, the requirement for skilled professionals has become a necessity. A proven standard to indicate the worthiness of knowledgeable and skilled candidates is CEH certification. Being globally recognised and accepted due to the inclusion of state-of-the-art tools, techniques and methodologies, earning the certification offers a chance to skyrocket one’s career in cybersecurity.