Is the On-Campus College Experience a Thing of the Past? – Victor Restis

There was a time when the college experience included:

This is no longer the case today. According to educational writers like Victor Restis, the on-campus experience may soon be a thing of the past.

Here are some reasons why:

Students Hate Commuting

According to the American Automobile Association, the average college student’s commute is now about 26 minutes. This means more students are choosing to live off-campus than ever before

The Rise of Online Classes

Gone are the days when you had to rush through your last class of the day to get down to the student center to print out your daily class assignment. Thanks to online classes, students can access material on their own time from the comfort of home.

Food on Campus Is Bad

In addition to bad food choices on campus, the high price of a college meal plan may be a deterrent for some students.

This has led more and more students to choose alternative eating methods during the day. Many opt for convenience through places like vending machines, while others make their foods at home and in dorms with kitchens or even get off-campus takeout during busy weeks.

Campus Visits No Longer Necessary

It is no longer necessary for parents and prospective students to travel to campuses to feel what the school is like. With the advent of virtual tours, videos, and social media, students can now get a sense of campus life without ever leaving home.

Commuter Colleges are Becoming the Norm

For many students, commuting to college is an unpleasant idea. It can mean sitting in traffic for hours, dealing with public transportation, or hailing a cab just to get to campus during rush hour. According to experts, if you live too far away from campus, you don’t have any part of the student community experience. The fact that commuter colleges are becoming more popular means some students feel this way.

Commuter colleges take the traditional college experience and turn it on its head. Instead of dorms and meal plans, commuters have their own accommodations off-site and usually pay less for tuition because they’re not paying for expensive amenities like dining halls.

Traditional College Sports Aren’t Popular.

Many students and parents don’t find college sports as important as they once were. Instead, students are more likely to look at schools with quality academic programs, innovative campus life, and interesting internship opportunities, according to experts.

Earning a college degree is still the main goal for most students when choosing a school. However, there are other venues where they can spend their time when not studying.

With all these changes, it’s no wonder more colleges are offering online classes for credit or allowing commuters to come on campus during certain hours only to get the student experience. Unfortunately, the traditional college experience may soon become extinct due to all of these new alternatives.