CasinoRocket Casino celebrates its anniversary

The year 2020 saw the opening of some of the best online casinos in the gambling industry, and CasinoRocket is also one of these new faces in the town. Featuring new innovations, the online casino took the world by storm with its services. 

This year, the company celebrated its first year in the industry in grand style. For the first time since its launch, CasinoRocket went out to offer no-deposit bonuses for players through the anniversary date. With this opportunity, most of its users claimed large winnings from betting on the platform.

After the grand celebrations, many players left positive feedback about the website on several platforms. As such, this article will give you a little insight into the operations of CasinoRocket.

An overview of Casinorocket casino

CasinoRocket is an online casino under the operation of Rocketline, a brand that handles several casino operations. It was initially started in 2019 as a casino review platform. However, Rocketline saw the potential it offered and bought it from its owners. Thus, in 2020, it underwent massive renovations and returned to the internet with a new look.

Now, the platform features a bright website with white-colored background and smart touches of green and yellow. The interface features a rectangular slide at the top of the homepage where featured images of slot games slowly glide through. Beneath this slide, you will find several buttons that redirect you to other pages on the site. 

CasinoRocket makes it easy to access its games by featuring several icons beneath the homepage options. The first array of icons are the slot games, followed by the table games. The casino also features a live gaming option where the players can enjoy live dealer games. 

The bonus offers are really impressive. For new players, the website offers a no-deposit welcome bonus that allows you to bet on a game without making deposits. For the regular players, it gives seasonal bonuses and promotional offers.

With payments, Casinorocket offers multiple options, including cryptocurrency. Thus, players have a wide platform of pay modes to select from when making a transaction on the website. The casino also operates with SSL encryption that secures its systems and the information of the players.

Why players should choose CasinoRocket Casino

Choosing the right casino is essential for any punter as it influences your wager. For an optimum gaming experience, we recommend Casinorocket for the following reasons:

The game selection

CasinoRocket keeps players entertained with a wide library of over 2000 games. These include several slot and table games titles. If you prefer live dealer games, the casino also has several new themes available. 

The bonus offer

CasinoRocket does not only offer several game selections; it also provides reasonable bonus offers. These bonuses are sometimes tied to specific game titles or game types. However, there are several offers for players to choose from.

It features a secured platform

When dealing online, you must use a site that is secure and trustworthy. CasinoRocket offers that kind of platform for bettors. With SSL encryption, the site ensures that no information in its database leaks to a third party.

Payment methods

CasinoRocket understands that players from different regions use different payment methods. As such, it provides, on its platform, several payment methods to make deposits and withdrawals.


CasinoRocket casino has several outstanding features for players to enjoy. Therefore, it is safe to say that they are one of the most reputable betting platforms on the internet.