Betpack will launch a free bet calculator

The sports betting industry is always looking for better ways to improve the betting experience. Nowadays, we have seen the invention of several modern methods aiming to enhance the system for new and experienced bettors. One of the notable inventions that have been quite useful to punters is bet calculators.

Being one of the most trusted sources of information for punters, Betpack has decided to offer more than reviews by introducing their own bet calculator. The good news is it’s completely free! Betpack assures their visitors that they’ll have full access to the free bet calculator in the not too distant future. Let’s have a closer look at the details about this online tool.

What is a bet calculator?

Bet calculator is a dynamic advancement enabling players to determine possible bet wins with certain formulas. Bookmakers and bettors can use it to calculate the stakes, profits, and payouts of several bets.

The calculator supports the most popular bet forms featured on bookmakers such as Round Robin, Lucky 15, Trixie, and Accumulator bets. In addition, Betpack’s calculator will cover unique and more complicated bet forms like Union Jack, Bookies’ Nightmare, Magnificent 7 and Alphabet as well.

How to use a bet calculator 

Bet calculators feature an easy to navigate interface with all the options on full display. In the first row, you’ll find the “setting” option that allows you to adjust your stake and the odd format. Using the same option, you can set the bonuses and see how your bet reflects according to your favourite bookmaker. You can also find out how different outcomes will affect your returns by changing the status of the bet.

In the second row, you will find a drop-down menu that enables you to select the type of bet. The calculator covers an extensive range of bets like full cover and basic types.

The next row features the bet’s options. These include your unit stake, ways of winning, and the number of selections. Next, you can select the possible outcomes of your bets and your winning odds. Beneath that row, there are two options; clear bets and calculate bets.

If you’re calculating your betting outcomes for the first time, you can fill in your details and click on “calculate bet”. The calculator then processes your information and shows the results in the row beneath. However, just click on the “clear bet” option if you want to calculate another bet. Afterwards, fill in the new information and click on “calculate bet”.

Why do players love free bet calculators?

  • They are easy and free to use;
  • They allow players to see the betting outcome of their stakes;
  • They are accurate as long as the information provided is correct;
  • They can calculate complex bets quickly so that you won’t waste time.


Indeed, bet calculators are handy tools for fans of sports betting. Since their introduction, these calculators have guided over 100 million bets and become essential in the sports betting industry. Introducing a brand new free bet calculator, Betpack again stands out as an innovative bookmaker affiliate platform.