Antique Rugs As An Investment: What You Need To Know

Investing in anything antique is always going to have a steady interest. We have a continued love for old things. And whilst subject to individual tastes and discernments you may even find some are considered collectibles and have their own particular niche interest, like watches, or even rugs.

It comes as no surprise that something as exquisite as antique rugs could be considered collectibles. Nor that they could make a great investment. Their allure. That, almost mystical, notion we have of them in our minds.

They represent more than just a comfortable item on which to tread. They are the embodiment of cultured taste, an illustration of artistic craftmanship, a mark in history which is standing the test of time. And doing so in elegant style.

How Much Can An Antique Rug Cost?

You should really ask yourself how much you want to invest? Costs for antique rugs can vary from £100 to £100,000.

When you enter the realm of collectible rugs, those with a history as well as outstanding quality, that figure rises to the millions, even the multi-millions.

One of the most expensive rugs ever sold, to date, has been the Clark sickle-leaf carpet which went for almost $34 million in 2013.

Over the years there has been a steady stream of note-worthy rug sales. From the silk Isfahan rug which sold for $4,450,000 in 2008. Or the 17th century Iranian rug which went for $9.6m in 2010 and many more. It is clear that for a number of people a quality antique rug is a clear investment.

Why Choose An Antique Rug As An Investment?

Choosing what to invest in is always going to be something personal to you. A decision you have to make. You may make that decision based on a purely practical reason. Like, for example, you know the housing market so you decide to invest in property.

You might also decide to put your investment into something you love or have an affinity for. Something that appeals to your interest as well as your finances. It might even be something you can get practical use out of.

No matter what, whether it’s to invest in new property or cut your losses on property you already own with a hassle free service like Estate Buyouts Milwaukee, it is a decision only you know how to make. Choosing to invest in an antique rug is no different from any other investment. There is always going to be an element of risk. That’s the nature of life.

It is what you expect in return for that investment that is the most important thing. Do you want a lavish, yet comfortable, adornment for your home that can be passed down as a valuable heirloom? Then look no further.

Which Rug Is Worth Your Investment?

You’ve decided that you want an alluring antique rug. But where to start? If you are not an expert, you certainly need one.

There are so many little important details that go into the craftmanship of an antique rug that it takes someone with knowledge and insight to be able to discern a quality antique from a poor one or a fake.

From the value and importance of the amount of knots per square inch, to the pattern and designs designating construction in a particular place or time. An expert’s knowledge may be the thing that separates you from making a great investment or not.

Only with solid advice and assistance will you be able to discern which rug is the one worthy of your investment. The one which will provide, at the very least, a suitable return.

It is clear that an antique rug is just as viable an investment as most things. I doubt many are as artistically and eloquently designed though.