5 Smart Ideas On How To Use Stripes In Your Home Decorating

The best way to make your home a little more classic and attractive is by involving patterns in it. The plus point about patterns is that they are endlessly versatile and make their demand everywhere, whether on walls, ceilings, furnishings, flooring or accessories, and even on your clothes. They can give a wholesome makeover to your boring, dull space and convert it into a stylish standardized look. Every pattern lifts your area, but specifically, if you are placing your hands on stripes, there could be nothing better than this.  

Stripes have always been the king of patterns. Consider the stripe for a definitive statement that is as timeless as it is eye-catching. Moreover, stripes can make any home feel expansive, minimalist, or even casual just on the basis of how you use them. In other words, the pattern of stripes can make any place look modern, traditional, and also classically sophisticated. Honestly, you can do a never-ending discussion on the scope of what stripes can do for a space? For sure, after reading this, you all will be excited too to decorate your home with this hugely versatile pattern. So, let’s dive into the brain wave ideas that will surely make your home decorating process with the stripes a thrilling approach.

Where to use stripes in your house?

There is no doubt that stripes look right anywhere and everywhere. But to make it more precise and easy for you, here is the list of a few places that shows better enhancement with the stripes:

  • Walls
  • Pillows
  • Rugs
  • Lampshades
  • Ceilings
  • Window treatments
  • Dishes
  • Bedding

Do You Know? 

In traditional times, people plump for vertical stripes. It is because these stripes create the illusion of height and make your space look more spacious, and the ceilings appear higher. On the other hand, horizontal stripes are the go-to option for modern people. Horizontal stripes create a fake illusion of wideness and elongated spaces.  

5 Constructive ideas to decorate your home with stripes

1. The classic traditional look:

The classic cum traditional look is very much in trend these days. And the key to a traditional stripe is layering. Moreover, the traditional look is known for low contrast shades mixed with the monochromatic palette. For instance, you can choose broad horizontal stripes for the curtains in lighter tones and consequently pull darker tones from the accent pillows and soft creams from the wall color and rug. Furniture with rounded edges and the Jacobian print on the chair keep the linear effect toeing the traditional line.

2. The modern stripe:

Are you searching for a modern contemporary, relaxed vibe for your room? By all means, the task is simple: put your hands on a pure white stripe. Whether the theme of your space is a rich orchid or icy mint, these white strips will never fail to steal everyone’s attention.  Neutral gray vertical stripes peel stick wallpaper will be your best friend. Allow the pattern to be the focal point by using only small pops of color here and there.

3. Minimalistic peace:

Give your room a makeover with minimal pastel colors and patterns of stripes. There is no doubt that pastel colors feel more coastal than other hues, especially when it comes to stripes. Choose a thick stripe against minimal hues of pastel colors with coordinating bedsheet and pillow covers and spread out the magic of positivity in your room.

4. Playing for keeps:

The environment of your child’s room should always be playful, colorful, and exciting. Instead of choosing primary cartoon characters as the wallpaper of your child’s room, do something creative and different and choose the stripes. To make the space more high-spirited, focus not only on variation in color but also on the scale.

5. Neutral stripes:

Stripes play surprisingly well with various prints, from leopards to florals, so you still have the freedom to change up your curtains, rugs, and pillows. The trick is choosing muted stripes with a neutral hue so you get the pattern without too much punch.

Decorating tips

  • Do not compromise with the colors of your stripe pattern. Avoid using colors with the same hues. Use the combination of contrasting colors to get better results. Moreover, stripes are capable enough on their own to create an attractive impact. So, choose the colors wisely.
  •  Do not create a pattern with a blunder of lines. Be minimalistic because the home is the only place to give your eyes and mind peace. So, be sure to counteract stripes with less busy design elements.
  • When choosing stripe wallpaper for your room, always consider your space’s proper dimension and size.

Pro tip: If your room is big and spacious, you should put your hands-on wider stripes. THin stripes will give a boring impression and looks too cluttered in a large room.  While in another case, if your room is small, broad stripes can lose their impact. So, choose accordingly and mindfully.

  • Mixing wide and skinny horizontal shapes works brilliantly awesome on the walls of rec rooms and children’s rooms. This idea boosts the playfulness and creativity of the room.
  • According to experts, floors are terrific places to include stripes. You can always say yes to striped area rugs, runners, and a doormat to add a significant graphic element. To know more tips and tricks about decorating your home, you can anyhow checkout homeasnika.com. You will genuinely be impressed with their blogs.

Pro tip: If you are a new player in the field of home decoration and feel nervous about decorating with stripes, always start small. Go ahead by including striped artistic pieces or striped vases, lampshades, or another decorative element in your room. In this way, you can actually conclude the results of introducing the striped pattern to your room or not.