5 Principles of Entertainment Site UX Design by Casinobee

Just like traditional casinos offer lavish interiors, classy staff and delicious drinks to their patrons, online casinos also have to provide top tier experience to their users. The appearance of the site, as well as the overall experience of users, must be top-notch. A lot of online casinos barely survive in the gambling industry, and to a large extent, it can be traced to their failure in these aspects. Casinobee.com is home to the newest and most popular casinos, and the following characteristics set them apart in the iGaming industry.

1) Easy to understand layout

An online casino that plans to have a huge clientele must have a simple layout. The homepage and all other sections of the site, including Live Casino, Slots, Sportsbook, etc, should be easily accessible. Gambling sites should display these pages at a glance, easily distinguished from other parts of the site. As a result, visitors of the site will be able to register and quickly find their favourite games.

2) Game sorting options and search

For most players, the casino adventure commences in the game section. With such a vast array of slot machines and various live or table games, games should be easily sorted by their genre, developer and other parameters. Better yet, implement a search bar so gamblers can easily find exactly what they want to play.

3) Well-designed Colour palette

The importance of a colourful and attractive homepage cannot be overemphasized in online casinos. An online casino with the wrong aesthetics can easily deter players from signing up. Casino operators should use 3 or 4 colours in their site design. They shouldn’t clash, instead complementing each other.

4) Desktop and Mobile Support

Players should be able to access an online casino using their mobile devices. With the rising popularity of smartphones and tablets, recently online casinos are designed to match slimmer screens. Since a lot of phone users can operate their devices with one hand, the mobile casino should be designed in such a way that players can click with their thumb. 

5) FAQ and Client Support

Punters can encounter a problem while using the casino at any time, therefore customer support must be available all day, 7 days a week. Players prefer the live chat service because it gives them faster access to the support team.

Unregistered users should also be put into consideration, as they may have issues while signing up, and should be able to get help from the support team in real-time. Online casinos should provide help to players without asking them to provide sensitive information on the site.

The FAQ section is a must for the best user experience at an online casino. This page should contain general questions about the casino and problems that players could encounter, and also a detailed solution under each of them.