5 Places that Welcome Families You Might Consider This Year

Many families feel that they should travel this year. Maybe you did not take a trip during 2021 and 2022. This year, though, with the pandemic fears receding, perhaps you feel that you can grab the kids, pile into the car, and head out on the road.

We will discuss some great vacation spots right now. All these locales welcome families, and you can make some fun memories that you will always cherish.

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

If you don’t know about Pigeon Forge yet, you should learn all about it. You will find unique attractions in Pigeon Forge, and the whole family can get in on the fun.

You will find several amusement parks there. Think local carnival and not Disneyland. Even if the rides there don’t have the Disney-branded characters or quite the same majesty and grandeur, that doesn’t mean you won’t still enjoy your time there with the kids.

Pigeon Forge stands out because you can go there, and it won’t break the bank. If you want a more modestly-priced vacation idea, this choice probably appeals.

You can also walk in the woods there. That costs nothing, and you can see many wildflowers, animals, and beautiful sights.

Orlando, Florida

Maybe you have more vacation money this year, so you can take a more costly trip. If your kids love the Disney properties, such as Star Wars, the Marvel characters, and Harry Potter, you can check out the various Disney-branded theme parks in Orlando.

You can book a hotel room by the parks so you can get there early in the morning. You’ll have a full day whether you choose the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, or another option.

Your kids can ride Peter Pan’s Flight or The Pirates of the Caribbean ride. They can check out The Haunted Mansion or the It’s a Small World ride. You can spend days there and never ride all the rides or see all the attractions.

New York, New York

You can go visit New York and bring the whole family along. You can enjoy The Big Apple on your own, but you will also find plenty that should captivate the kids.

You can walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. You should do that only without very young children. Otherwise, they might tire themselves out before they make it all the way across.

You can catch a ballgame. You might visit Madison Square Garden for basketball or hockey. You can visit Yankee Stadium or Citi Field.

You can see the Empire State Building. You can ride up and look down at the tiny humans hurrying by below. You can see Lady Liberty and Ellis Island. You can have dinner somewhere fancy or somewhere more casual if you think the kids can’t handle a cloth napkin kind of place quite yet.

Las Vegas, Nevada

You can also visit Sin City. Las Vegas has bachelor parties and more R-rated fare, but you can keep things PG there as well.

You can ride roller coasters or play light-up mini golf. You can find some fantastic video arcades and go-kart tracks.

You can also eat at some wild restaurants, like Cabo Wabo. You can have an adult beverage while the kids have soft drinks. You can all eat burritos bigger than your heads.

Chicago, Illinois

You might visit Chicago as well. The Windy City isn’t much fun during February, but if you head there in the spring or summer, you should enjoy yourselves.

You can check out many different museums. Some have kid-friendly exhibits. You can visit Wrigley Field, one of the oldest and most venerable US baseball venues. You might also see a Blackhawks or a Bulls game.

You can sample a Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. You can see whether you like that style or a New York slice more. You can walk through Millennium Park and see the evocative and eye-catching sculptures.

Whichever place you go to this year, you can take many pictures and videos. You can post them on social media and show everyone what you did.

Your kids can make some memories that they’ll have their whole lives. If you feel like your kids don’t spend much time bonding with each other or with you, you can fix that this year.

You can discuss what you’re all doing and what you hope might happen in your lives. You can all reconnect and get closer. That might not happen if you don’t plan a trip together.