5 best Android apps of 2021

When the Android Market (now known as the Google Play Store) was launched in 2008, there were just 50 apps. Since then, the demand has grown rapidly. Android apps are now something of a robot that helps with daily tasks like balancing a chequebook, calculating a tip or even integrating apps with business communication platforms. There’s an app out there for every purpose.

Daily, new apps are introduced while the existing ones are upgraded to higher versions. With more than three million software listed on the Google Play Store, some terrific, others duds, it is often difficult to figure out the most suitable ones to download. No need to worry, we are here to guide you.  Here are the best Android apps, from gamblingmentor.org, introduced in the last year which either got a major update or went mainstream in a way we hadn’t seen previously.

1 – TikTok

TikTok lets you create videos lip-syncing, dancing to songs or creating short videos on something you’re excited about. The app’s popularity surged during the early months of the pandemic last year, amassing more than 2 billion downloads globally across the App Store and Google Play. In the first quarter of 2020, TikTok generated 315 million installs — the most downloads for any app ever in a quarter.

With its new Glitch Video Effects, photos and videos are taken with more than 100 filters and effects available in real-time, including Retro VHS, Shadow, Xray and Neon. Music can be added as well.

More than 50 million people have downloaded Glitch Video Effects, according to its Play store listing. As of October, more than 600,000 people have rated the app, giving it 4.7 out of 5 stars in the Play store. Glitch Video requires Android 5.0 and up.

2- Pixtica

Pixtica is one of many tools hoping to replace your phone’s default camera app. Camera apps vary a lot, and their success largely depends on your phone make and model, but Pixtica is a decent option if you’re looking for something new.

It’s packed full of features, including numerous filters, a GIF recorder, panorama, hyper-lapse, manual controls, and oddities such as a ‘Planet’ mode, which warps images into a sphere-like shape using Pixtica’s “advanced stereographic projection algorithm”.

3- Niagara Launcher

If you’re looking for a fresh new way to experience your Android phone’s home screen, then look no further than Niagara Launcher. It shirks the traditional app drawer paradigm, instead opting for a minimalist group of favourites with an alphabetical list as the app drawer replacement. The result is a clean look with intuitive gestures for navigation.

Of course, you can pay a small fee to unlock the full experience, but the core part of Niagara is free. It’s the go-to launcher right now and through it you can eaaily gain access to the best usa online casinos from you phone.

4 – Moon+ Reader

Outside of the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook apps, the absolute best ebook reader on Android is Moon+ Reader. It is a fantastic app and I can’t say that enough. As someone who runs a Calibre ebook server at home with hundreds of ebooks (obtained mostly through Humble Bundle), Moon+ Reader is my choice for reading any one of those books on my phone.

Simply put, Moon+ Reader can handle any format, like EPUB and MOBI. There are a ton of ways to customize it to your liking, like line spacing, font scale, themes, and much, much more. It has a great and easy-to-use bookshelf and you can connect to a lot of online libraries.

5- Ablo

Ablo connects you with random people all over the world, and translates your chats and video calls in real-time, to help you learn about another culture, practice a language or connect with people to travel with worldwide. Ablo may sound like another version of the notorious Chatroulette; however, it sets more ground rules, and offenders get kicked off the app.

Ablo has more than 10 million downloads, according to its Play Store listing, and more than 514,000 users have rated it, with an average of 3.9 out of 5 stars.