Why There is No Risk To Botox Chevy Chase MD Explains

I have been having box once per year for the last 3 years and I have to say that I have never really worried about the risks which some associate with it. In my experience and judging from my research, there really is no risk at all. To clear up this mess and myth around botox Chevy Chase MD Laura Stout spoke to me about why so many popped have got this idea in their heads that the product is bad, and explained exactly why botox is so safe. I wanted to write a quick piece on this to allay any fears that you all may have abut this procedure in particular, it’s take a look.

The Myth

Back in the 90s, when cosmetic surgery and cosmetic procedures became more popular, there was a lot of fear about this type of thing and that was stoked by many in the media. The media loved to share those horror stories about what people looked like after too much surgery, and all cosmetic procedures were grouped into this. The reality is that most of those horror stories were people trying to do homemade cosmetic treatments, and the reality was nobody had a clue just how safe the procedures were. This myth has continued to some extent into the modern day.


What many do not know is that botox has been used in one medical capacity or another for almost 3 decades now, and if there was really a problem with it then there is no way that things would have been allowed to get this far. This is a very safe product and there are almost zero cases where things have gone wrong for anyone who has had botox injected into their skin.

Only Dangers

There are only 2 real risks associated with the administration of this product. The first risk is that the patient is allergic to botox, the chances of this are around one in every million people. Those who do have an allergic reaction simply absorb the botox too quickly, rather than allowing it to do its job, so the biggest risk here is that it just doesn’t work. The second risk is associated with the botox itself, and whether or not it is in date. If the botox is out of date then it may cause an adverse reaction. If someone is found to have been using botox which is out of date then they are going to have their license stripped away, so it is not in their best interest to do this at all.

Ultimately this is a case of the stories and the myths being much stronger than the truth. If it were true that box was this big and scary product then there would be widespread criticism and a call for it to be banned. This is not the case and that is because there is almost no danger associated with this product, and taking a paracetamol is likely to be more risky.