What is Menthol E-Liquid?

Menthol E-Liquid is an organic compound extracted from peppermint, wintergreen leaves, and other mint oils. It can provide a tingling sensation to the face and mouth, similar to the feeling you get when having a cold.

How Much Nicotine Does Menthol E-Liquid Contain?

The level of nicotine in Menthol varies but does contain nicotine.

Is Menthol E-Liquid Safe?

Generally speaking, Menthol has long been used in medicine and beauty products. However, if you are allergic to peppermint or other mint oils, it is not recommended to vape menthol liquids. There is currently no research on the effects of vaping synthetic compounds like DCT PG etc., so it remains unknown.

What are the Benefits of Vaping Menthol E-Liquid?

The great thing about Menthol E-Liquid is that it can be used to treat several ailments such as:

Sinus Congestion: The menthol vapors are forced into the sinuses, which helps clear out mucus.

Aromatherapy: Menthol is widely believed to have aromatic properties.

Freshen Breath: A small amount of Menthol E-Liquid can be applied to the tongue or teeth to mask bad breath.

Menthol e-liquid is commonly available for purchase online and in some local stores. It provides a different range of experiences than regular tobacco flavors to be enjoyed by both new and veteran vapers. However, please consult with your doctor before using if you have any health conditions or allergies.

What Does Menthol Taste Like?

Menthol E-Liquid tastes very different from regular e-liquid or Nicotine E-Liquid. The taste is generally described as a cool, tingly sensation that refreshes the mouth and face. Some say it tastes like a minty toothpaste flavor, while others describe it as a sweet spearmint smell.

Types of Menthol E-Liquid

There are many different types of Menthol e-liquid, including both Artificial and Organic varieties. The artificial flavors are made using chemical processes, while the organic are extracted from natural ingredients. These include peppermint leaves, wintergreen leaves, and wild mint oils.

How to Use Menthol E-Liquid

The main usage of Menthol is for inhalation. However, there are a few ways to use your Menthol E-Liquid:

Vape: Drip or drop a few drops of e-liquid onto your e-cig coil and vape as normal. It can also be used in a tank atomizer if you wish to fill it with Menthol.

Add to Other E-Liquid: A small amount of Menthol can be mixed with other e-liquid flavors to enhance their taste and coolness. However, be sure not to add too much, or it will overpower the flavor of your e-liquid.

Mix With Water: Vape stores sell empty cartridges that can be filled with a combination of E-Liquid and water. The water is inhaled, which cools it down for a refreshing vape experience.

Menthol e-liquid can be used to enhance the flavor of your e-cig or as a substitute for regular juice. However, using vape oil in this way is very different from traditional vaping, so please consult with an industry professional before trying.

Inhaling Menthol e-liquid is not recommended for those who have never vaped before, as it can be overwhelming and painful on the first try. Therefore, it is best to proceed slowly at first to avoid any discomfort.