Types of Poppers

Source: Wikipedia | Photo Claude TRUONG-NGOC

Poppers are psychoactive drugs that have grown in popularity with time. Basically, they are in liquid form and they are stored in small bottles. The mode of consumption is through inhaling. Most of the people who consume poppers take them for recreational purposes. Once you inhaled them, they cause an immediate “high” and excitement. That is why they are popularly known as mood enhancers and relaxation drugs. The gay community uses the drugs to relax the sphincter muscles in preparation for anal sex. Once it’s inhaled, the muscles relax and help in enhancing the sexual experience of users. Of great importance still, they dilate the blood vessels of users and facilitate the pumping of more blood to the heart. Just like any other drug, poppers have side effects once inhaled. Some of the effects include: allergic reactions, lesions, headaches, and intraocular pressure.

Types of Poppers

Generally, there are four types of poppers that are accessible to users today. They include: Butyl poppers, Propyl poppers, Amyl poppers, and Pentyl poppers.

Amyl Poppers

Among the poppers in the market today, this is one of the most popular. If you consume it, you will have an exciting and “high” feeling that is progressive. Unlike other types of poppers, this particular popper has a longer effect in the body. It’s also important for users to take note that Amyl poppers have a strong smell that isn’t as attractive as other poppers.

Propyl Poppers

Different countries had banned the use of these poppers but they are now accessible in the market. The reason as to why they had been banned in different countries is because they are the strongest of the types of poppers available for users. The fear of them having long-lasting effects on users forced different countries to consider banning them for a while.

Pentyl Poppers

If there is a type of poppers that is sold on a wide scale around the world, this has to be the one. They have an equal magnitude of effects like it is with amyl poppers, only that the effects of this one takes a minimal amount of time. It’s also significant to note that they evaporate at a slow rate compared to other poppers. Stimulation and enhanced sexual drive are among the effects of Pentyl poppers.

Butyl Poppers

This type is mostly used by users who want to make their sexual experience more pleasurable. Users, especially in the gay community, love it because it increases the quality of orgasm when having sex. This is another type of poppers which is strong; hence, users should take manageable amount of content.

Different Brands of Poppers

Poppers come in different brands. Each brand has its own strength when consumed. Different types of poppers have different brand names. For instance, Iron Horse is a famous brand associated with propyl poppers. In addition, there are brand names that stem from different locations around the world. For example, there are Amsterdam poppers, Ibiza poppers, Berlin poppers and perhaps poppers UK will appear soon. In regards to the strength of different types of poppers, butyl poppers are the strongest.

Poppers are used recreationally and also as sexual enhancement drugs. The four types of poppers include: Butyl poppers, Propyl poppers, Amyl poppers, and Pentyl poppers. They are well known for their euphoric feeling. Moreover, poppers are allowed and banned in different countries globally. They are banned in countries like Canada, Japan, Germany, and Switzerland because of their seeming dangers to the body. But, they are allowed in countries like the UK and the United States, only that they aren’t marketed for human consumption.