The number of cryptocurrencies is increasing every day, but Bitcoin is still the leader

Bitcoin was launched many years ago and triggered a chain of events that, in the end, resulted in the development of the cryptocurrency industry. Over the years, the Bitcoin price changed drastically in a short period, but at the same time, people became fascinated with the pioneer of all the other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin also inspired other cryptocurrencies, as shortly after Bitcoin became popular, there were already crypto projects that appeared on the market. All of them were trying to replicate the success of the first digital coin and even wanted to overtake the leader at some point in the future. 

So, all cryptocurrencies are popular today because of the existence of Bitcoin, which paved the expansion of the financial system’s evolution. And despite the many market fluctuations, Bitcoin remains the leader in the game. Even if the number of cryptocurrencies is increasing daily, and the competition is more intense than ever, no one has succeeded in surpassing Bitcoin. So, what made Bitcoin a leader for such a long time? Let’s explore the details behind Bitcoin’s popularity. 

The first mover benefit

Bitcoin has something that the other altcoins will never have, which is the first-mover advantage. Because Bitcoin was the first digital asset created, it gained mainstream recognition as the face of the crypto industry that influenced everything. By bringing an innovation that no one achieved until that moment, Bitcoin gained an important benefit over its competition. This advantage didn’t diminish when in the market appeared more and more digital coins; on the contrary, this benefit got bigger and bigger, as this was what set an essential gap between Bitcoin and its competitors. 

Bitcoin was also an inspiration for the development of other cryptocurrencies. Even though the other digital assets launched on the market bring many innovations and want to offer something different and new, they are still partly based on the concepts and ideas of Bitcoin. 

Most people also tend to associate the entire crypto industry with the pioneer of all the other digital currencies. And this thing can’t be said about the other cryptocurrencies, as although they have some fanbase, they still don’t have the same level of popularity as Bitcoin. This can also be seen by the Google search trends, proving its superior status, as Bitcoin is the most searched crypto-related word. 

A long history of success

Everyone knows that the crypto sector is volatile. Although the Bitcoin price has fluctuated over the years, the same applies to all the other cryptocurrencies. But what set Bitcoin apart from the crowd is that it managed to hold the leadership position even if it underwent many changes. This happened when some of the other crypto projects faded into obscurity or got erased from the crypto world

Some say Bitcoin wasn’t enough in the market to prove its reliability and utility. However, Bitcoin is the oldest digital currency in the market, and it recovered after all the price fluctuation it went through. Because Bitcoin is the oldest, this also means that it experienced more cycles of rise and decline than any other digital asset. Still, Bitcoin has recovered and continues its dominance in the crypto sector. All the difficult times highlighted its resilience and boosted its credibility. 


One of the most important features that brought the popularity of Bitcoin is decentralization. This means that, unlike fiat money, digital currencies don’t rely on an authority for transaction supervision and validation. Digital currencies don’t have a third party that regulates or controls cryptocurrencies. The transactions are made in a peer-to-peer blockchain network that eliminates the need for someone to facilitate the actions. 

No one owns Bitcoin, so no one can control it. This fact also led to an increasing interest in the digital asset. Because it is a democratic system, Bitcoin is a reliable network that doesn’t have in the middle of its actions the interest of another enterprise. 


The popularity of Bitcoin is also due to the fact that it has a strong community that was on the side of the digital asset from the start. But, some say that the biggest drawback of Bitcoin is the outdated technology. Because of the large number of users it has gathered over the years, it is not easy for Bitcoin to implement new updates. To be able to make an upgrade on the Bitcoin blockchain, community consensus will be required, but it is difficult to achieve this due to the large number of users.

However, some don’t see this aspect as a drawback. Because Bitcoin has so many users, it has an enhanced utility and value. These factors only draw more users to the blockchain, creating an even bigger community. 

Final words

Bitcoin has several attributes that provide an important advantage over the other players in the market. This is why, if any new crypto project wants to take the throne from Bitcoin, it will need to bring as much popularity, value and credibility as the pioneer of all the cryptocurrencies. 

Bitcoin is a digital currency that changed forever the crypto game. It was the first digital asset created and an inspiration for all the other altcoins that appeared after. Bitcoin will always be a popular option for people, as it has many benefits that can be overlooked. Numerous factors bring the leader such a big popularity, and the fact that it is a decentralized asset with a big community and a high level of security are the main important ones. Bitcoin has preserved its value over time, and this can only prove that it is an important digital currency that people can opt for. 

Also, Bitcoin went through several challenging times and is still the leader in the crypto sector. This can only mean that Bitcoin has a big value that will always be present. 

However, if you want to invest in Bitcoin, you need to ensure that the digital coin is a good option for your interests and needs.