Stevewilldoit’s Net Worth 2024: How Rich is The Youtube Pranker?

Stephen Deleonardis, popularly known as SteveWillDoIt is an American Youtuber, content creator, social media personality, and influencer. He is known for his comedic personality and prank videos. 

Steve is also quite famous for his collaboration with the public prank channel – NELK. His social media name – SteveWillDoIt signifies that he is up for any weird prank that his viewers and audience want him to do. So, how much does he earn through his videos? Let us know more about SteveWillDoIt’s net worth and monthly income. 

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Stevewilldoit Net Worth

As of 2024, SteveWillDoIt’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million. Steve has also collaborated with a number of prominent online influencers such as TFUE and internet bad boy 6ix9ine

Stevewilldoit’s Main income

The primary source of his income comes from his YouTube channel. However, his main account was removed from the platform due to “severe and repeated violations of the community guidelines.” 

This definitely put a pause on his earnings. However, SteveWillDoIt’s net worth is now stable as he is posting videos on other YouTube channels and collaborating with various social media personalities. 

He also uploads videos on Rumble with more than 326K subscribers. He also featured controversial creator Andrew Tate on the platform. 

Stevewilldoit’s Other income

Stephen also fetches a handsome amount from his social media accounts, brand endorsements and several sponsorships from renowned brands. SteveWillDoIt’s other source of income includes the sale of merch and his hard seltzer brand – Happy Dad. It is also known that Stephen invests in cryptocurrencies and is even involved in illegal gambling. This may further increase SteveWillDoIt’s net worth significantly. 

To know more about Stephen’s passive income sources, we should have a look at YouTuber Coffeezilla’s research that he executed along with Mutahar from SomeOrdinaryGamers. The duo began a series of videos that intended to expose Steve’s income sources with the help of his affiliation with Roobet – a cryptocurrency gambling service (not legal in the US). According to the research, Steve was profiting off every bet made through his referral. Since the website was “unregulated” it was quite risky for the users.

Stevewilldoit Social Media Accounts

Stevewilldoit Personal Life, Stats & Facts

Stephen has been dating his high school sweetheart – Celina Smith for more than four years now. They started dating after meeting at Oviedo High School. Celina is a content producer and specializes in fashion and lifestyle. She has also been featured on Steve’s YouTube channel. 

Stevewilldoit’s Rise to Fame

Stephen started creating content at a very young age. He was still a teenager when he started uploading videos of him performing difficult challenges put forth by his audience. Later, he switched from Instagram to YouTube in the year 2019. He uploaded videos of him smoking marijuana, drinking alcohol, and eating lots of food. His first YouTube video got more than 987k views and made it quite popular. 

Later, Steve joined the Canadian group of YouTubers NELK Boys, where they publish prank videos and social experiments. His popularity further grew and even led to an increase in SteveWillDoIt’s net worth.  

One of the most famous videos created by NELK members was when they collaborated with Steve to record the Buying a $10 Million Yacht in Bitcoin. On YouTube, this video got more than 5 million views. This gained them a lot of popularity and was definitely a turning point for Steve. 

Some reports state that the creator has also won the Izzy Award.

However, Steve has also been famous for his misconduct. Two years back, the creator was arrested for disturbing the peace along with other members of NELK. The group was filming a prank at a Target store located in Mississippi. This was not the first time Steve has been arrested. He has talked about his other two similar experiences in one of his videos. 

Stevewilldoit’s Early Life & Education

Stephen Deleonardis was born on 26th August 1998 in Oviedo, Florida, USA. He grew up along with his two siblings – a brother, Rocco Deleonardis and a sister, Briana Deleonardis. Steve has repeatedly said that is very close to his father. He even stated that his father has been extremely supportive and is the reason why he is financially stable at such a young age. Steve’s father has provided his children with everything they have ever wished for.

After completing his school, Steve started a career as a digital superstar which helped him build a sizable fan base and become a renowned social media personality. 

Stats & Facts

  • DOB: August 26, 1998
  • Location: Miami, Florida 
  • Height: 5 feet 9 inches (175 centimetres)
  • Marital status: Unmarried 

Stevewilldoit’s Net Worth in 2025?

Steve managed to build his career in content creation at a very young age. While he earns a handsome amount from his social media profiles, he still managed to diversify his income source by selling merchandise, collaborating with known creators, and investing in cryptocurrencies. 

He is thus able to earn a stable income and expand his income steadily. According to Social Blade, Steve makes $29,100 to $466,300 each year. And if he continues to produce more interesting content for his audience, SteveWillDoIt’s net worth is bound to go up in the coming years.