Steve O's Net Worth

Steve O’s Net Worth: How Much is The American Idiot Worth?

Stephen Gilchrist Glover, better known as Steve O, is an American stand-up comedian, author, entertainer, stunt performer, television personality, and YouTuber. 

Steve O is best known for his appearance in the reality comedy television series on MTV -Jackass in 2000 and the subsequent film franchise that included Jackass: The Movie, Jackass Number Two, Jackass 3D, and Jackass Forever. Apart from fame, Steve O has also accumulated a lot of wealth in his two-decade-long career. Let us have a look at Steve O’s net worth, early life, education, and earnings.

Steve O Net Worth

As of 2024, Steve O’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 Million. Steve O is one of the most popular comedians in the US and is also known for his stunts and pranks that are often dangerous, explicit, and even absurd.

Steve O’s Main income

For the majority of Steve O’s career, his primary income has come from his roles in television series and movies like Jackass and WILD BOYZ. Although Steve did not earn a lot of money from the first season of Jackass, his pay increased with Jackass movies as all of the movies were a success at the box office and grossed millions of dollars. This definitely boosted Steve O’s net worth. 

Steve O’s Other income

Other than performing stunts, Steve O also wrote his autobiography – Professional Idiot: A Memoir. He later penned another memoir – A Hard Kick in the Nuts: What I’ve Learned From a Lifetime of Terrible Decisions. 

He also has a YouTube channel where it has more than 6 million subscribers. He shares videos of various stunts and pranks on his YouTube channel. 

Steve O has also released some semi-successful rap albums. These projects further increased Steve O’s net worth considerably. 

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Steve O Personal Life, Stats & Facts

Steve O got married to Candy-Jane Tucker in 2002 but the couple announced that they are divorced in 2003. In 2018, Steve got engaged to Lux Wright. In his autobiography, Steve O stated that he follows a strict vegan diet and does not wear fur or leather. Steve has also received PETA’s Nanci Alexander award for his “voice against cruelty.”

Steve O’s Rise to Fame

Steve O went to the University of Miami but soon dropped out due to poor grades. After three years, started working as a clown professionally and also filmed various stunts. He used to send these tapes to Big Brother – a skateboarding magazine and were received by Jeff Tremaine, future director of Jackass. 

Tremaine was impressed by Steve O and cast him in one of the most successful television series of his career. Soon, he appeared in various movie sequels as well which made him a household name. While he garnered a lot of fame through his work, Steve O’s net worth also spiked during this time. 

Steve O’s Early Life & Education

Stephen Gilchrist Glover was born on June 13th of 1974 in London, England. His mother, Donna Gay Glover was Canadian and his father, Richard Edward “Ted” had English and American roots. The Jackass star also has one sister, Cindy Glover.

Steve O once mentioned that his mother suffered an aneurysm in 1998. He even said that her mother suffered major cognitive and physical disability as a result of the aneurysm. He lost his mother in 2003. On the other hand, his father worked for Pepsi-Cola. 

The family moved a lot owing to his father’s occupation. They first moved to Brazil when Steve O was just six months old after his father got promoted. He then moved to Venezuela and then to Connecticut, before moving to Miami. He also lived in Canada for a year before finally back to England. 

Steve O attended American School in London. Later he attended the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico and also went to the University of Miami. However, he soon dropped out of college because of poor grades. Steve O then started working as a clown and filmed his stunts which led to his big break in the entertainment world. 

Stats & Facts

  • DOB: June 13, 1974 (48 years old)
  • Location: Los Angeles
  • Height: 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm)
  • Marital status: Engaged

Steve O’s Net Worth in 2025?

Steve O has definitely had a lot of ups and downs in his life both emotionally and financially. He has been heavily reliant on drugs and alcohol in the past which took a toll on his mental and physical health. However, he has managed to overcome all these hurdles and has built a successful career for himself. With a YouTube channel that is growing well, two successful books, and various other projects at hand, Steve O’s net worth is only bound to increase in the coming years.