Politicians for CBD

A more profound look at politicians about CBD

Most people don’t really have to be told they are not right politicians. Things such as slavery and religious persecution all point to a lack of knowledge of power. Yet, many people still refer to the law in order to explain their fear of the unknown. If you know that the whole matter is linked to cannabis and some public officials lift their eyes at the whole thing, it is very easy to dismiss CBD oil.

But the suspicions of politicians in terms of their not very educated views are completely unfounded. See why certain politicians aren’t so interested in CBD oil and why you shouldn’t let their fears shape what might be your most intelligent health decision.

Reason 1: Politics Are Pretty Busy

Studies, reviews and interviews with experts: politicians don’t really have time for any of them. No matter how often their helpers boil it down to the Reader’s Digest version to end all the Reader’s Digest versions, often there’s too much to ask of busy officials. To a certain degree, this is completely understandable. Politics are just busy people who have a lot of things on their plate.

Reason 2: The Stigma of Cannabis

Given the fact that alcohol has been proven to be more destructive than cannabis over and over, there is no shame in enjoying a nightcap on a Friday or a drink or two after work. And yet, in many parts of the US, there is still a massive stigma against cannabis. They would think of this as an entirely different occurrence than steaming or consuming a brownie. Egged down by the myths and the poor apples out there, policymakers believe they’ve got a grip on what weed is when they’re actually just depending on it.

Reason 3: Cannabis is not one of the top political priorities

It’s easy to say that politicians really don’t want to listen to reason when it comes to CBD oil, but that’s not the whole story. They can assume that CBD oil is absolutely harmless and they still don’t want anything to do with it because they know the headaches it may cause. Many lawmakers actually haven’t taken the time to educate themselves on how CBD products from sites like http://www.canadacannabisdispensary.ca/product-category/lit/ can help many people. Do you know what’s in it when you see a vape pen? Is it traditional THC hemp, is it CBD oil, is it tobacco, is it extra virgin olive oil? Who knows that?!

Instead of going through an infinite number of cases where people don’t know what’s going on, it’s easy to just issue a ‘no’ blanket for all! No to any food on the plane, no unknown liquid used on the street, etc., etc. A blanket ‘no’ to CBD oil means that officials and law enforcement officers can focus on their duties without countless new investigations being brought to their investigation desk.

Reason 4: CBD regulation is a nightmare

This is an extension of Reason 3, but this is an essential difference. Right now, the CBD oil industry is left to control itself (a lot like supplements). Most companies are pretty good at reigning in and doing the right thing, but some have gone absolutely wild. They sell grape seed oil as CBD oil, they synthesize dangerous chemicals that can hurt the consumer, they do whatever they can to make a buck.

Just like restricting personal use, it’s simpler for many lawmakers to say no to all of this.

And you’ve got it there. If you note, there’s nothing in there about the protection or efficacy of CBD oil, because that’s not the problem. CBD oil is non-psychoactive, non-addictive and, if millions of people are to be believed, not hoax or placebo. There are plausible explanations for lawmakers’ fears of creating new laws, but it is not enough to avoid the advancement of one of nature’s most amazing bounties.