Is A Breast Lift Right For You?

If you are a woman, your breasts are a body feature that is an important part of your appearance and can have a significant effect on your self-esteem. The problem is, like so many other parts of our body, your breast’s shape changes over time, and can lose its firmness and youthful shape. It’s not just age that can have an undesirable effect on your breast’s appearance, weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy, nursing, and the day in day out force of gravity can make breasts grow soft and sag. It’s an unhappy reality, and can be very depressing when it happens, but in these modern times, there are some things that can be done to help!

When today’s women find they are displeased with the condition of their breasts, they can seek out the help of professional cosmetic surgeons and arrange for a breast lift in Sydney, a surgical procedure also known as mastopexy. The breast lift surgery can be combined with breast augmentation techniques to make the breasts larger, firmer, and more shapely.

While mastopexy it is a really great technique, having a breast lift performed might not be for everyone. If you intend to become pregnant at some future point, it would probably be best to consult with your doctor, and possibly wait on getting a breast lift because your breasts will stretch during the pregnancy, and the results of your breast lift will be changed. Another pregnancy-related reason to delay having a breast lift is breastfeeding because while it is still possible after the procedure, producing enough milk afterwards may become difficult.

You might want to consider having a breast lift done if:

  • Your nipples and areolae are in a downward-pointing position. 
  • Your breasts are sagging because they have lost volume and shape.
  • Your breasts are sagging because they have grown longer and flatter.
  • When your breasts aren’t supported your nipples fall below the breast creases. 
  • Your areolae has become stretched out of proportion in relation to your breast’s size.
  • When your breasts become asymmetrical because one breast is falling lower than the other.

A breast lift can be performed on any size of breasts, but the procedure is liable to have longer lasting results when applied to smaller breasts. The larger breasts are, the heavier they become, and that can lead to a greater chance of sagging. Breast lifts can be used to reduce sagging while also raising the nipple’s positions to a higher level if desired. Undergoing a mastopexy surgery can also make adjustments to the areolae, the area of darker skin that surrounds the nipples, either increasing their size or reducing them to maintain good proportions in relation to the breast’s new shape.

The majority of women who undergo a breast lift procedure are able to return to their home on the very same day, but you should probably arrange to have a friend or relative drive you home and stay there with you the first night to be safe.

We hope this helps you to consider if a breast lift is right for you!