How rich is NFL player Roger Staubach

Famous for being at the heart of the Dallas Cowboys winning streak from the 1960s to the 70s, Roger Staubach is a former American football player and real estate mogul from the United States. His net worth increased by a significant amount of dollars with the sale of his company, The Staubach Company, which made him one of the richest men in the Country. 

Cincinnati, Ohio, on February 5, 1942, saw the birth of Roger Thomas Staubach. Robert and Elizabeth Staubach his parents had only one child. He was raised in the Cincinnati suburb of Silverton, which is in the northeast. In 1960, he earned his high school diploma from Cincinnati’s Purcell High School, now known as Purcell Marian High School. 

Early in the 1960s, while playing quarterback for the Midshipmen at the New Mexico Military Institute, Roger Staubach set the foundation for his professional football career. He was chosen in the 1964 NFL Draft for the Dallas Cowboys; where some of the wealthiest NFL players in the world play and have players, after earning numerous trophies and awards as a collegiate football player.

Staubach divided his time between the Naval Academy and the NFL, where for several seasons he played football for the Dallas Cowboys, who in 1972 defeated the Miami Dolphins to win the Super Bowl. After sustaining concussions in 1979, he proceeded to play for the Cowboys for a number of more seasons in the NFL before retiring.

Staubach and Robert Holloway Jr. partnered to launch The Staubach Company, their real estate company, in 1977. Together, they spent time and money to establish a number of office buildings for businesses like McDonald’s and AT&T in some of the most costly cities in the US. He received a large gain when the business was sold in 2008 to Jones Lang LaSalle for $613 million, increasing his personal worth.

Roger Staubach’s wealth generation 

During his time as a starting quarterback in professional football for the Dallas Cowboys, Roger was already earning a significant amount. During his time at the Cowboys, they were a formidable team and that form has continued, as they are one of the top teams in the NFL.

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Rogers’ net worth was rather low; instead, his real estate endeavors brought him significant profits. The sale of the Staubach Company, which he had successfully built up, instantly raised his net worth by hundreds of millions of dollars. Staubach’s net worth has remained at its present high levels thanks in part to his ongoing success as an entrepreneur and businessman.

In 1977, Staubach founded The Staubach Company together with Robert Holloway Jr. Additionally, from 1970-1977 he had been working in real estate for the Henry S. Miller Company during his off-seasons. Subsequently, in 1982 he purchased Holloway’s share and solely took over ownership of The Staubach Company.

After retiring from professional athletics, Roger Staubach dedicated himself to his business The Staubach Company. His company had worked with businesses like AT&T, McDonald’s, and Kmart Corporation as well as the Hospital Corporation of America. Not only that but they owned a stake in 27 apartment buildings located around Dallas-Fort Worth too! After serving as chairman and CEO for many years he announced his resignation on June 20th, 2007 – yet another impressive accomplishment added to an already storied career.

On July 11th, 2008, a major investment was made when Jones Lang LaSalle purchased The Staubach Company for hundreds of millions of dollars. Beyond real estate, Staubach also took part in other projects – like co-owning Hall of Fame Racing with fellow ex-Cowboy Troy Aikman to compete in the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series. This venture began its climb to success during the 2006 season and has continued ever since!

How rich is Roger Staubach?

In his early years, he was not competing against players making millions of dollars. He made approximately $25,000 in his first season as a Cowboy. When he was halfway through his employment after a while, his pay rose to $95,000. The satisfaction and progress were both significant. He did not back down and gave every game and practice his all. Surprisingly, the last year of his football career was when he received the maximum pay of $160,000, the highest in the league. 

In 2008, he received a significant windfall when his company was sold for $613 million, instantly increasing his net worth. Roger Staubach is thought to be worth $600 million as of February 2023.