Easy Home Improvements for Long Term Caregivers

All long-term caregivers often yearn for tips that can help them make their home more adaptable and convenient for their seniors. Although we, as caregivers, can do everything to make their lives more comfortable, with the right aid and some home improvements, it can be achieved more swiftly. These home improvements are not too heavy on your pocket and can also be installed within hours. Such modifications can benefit seniors in the home. If you are considering home modifications, you should contact your NDIS Rockhampton provider. The National Disability Insurance Scheme or NDIS can cover part or all of the home modifications depending on the participants NDIS plan. When done through the NDIS you can also ensure everything will be up to code, safe, and expertly installed. Alongside completing the home improvements below, it’s vital you find a trusted in-home care company to help look after your loved one. Make sure they provide a wide variety of services, to ensure you’re not restricted in your decisions. You can visit Careforfamily to have an insight into what these services may include. 

Here are our top tips and a free NDIS registration guide to get you started!

Declutter your space 

Seniors often struggle with mobility issues, and having very little space to move around in the house can be uncomfortable for them. So as their caregiver, make sure that they have enough room to roam around easily with support or in a wheelchair. Rearrange your furniture such that it can access the living space, yard and kitchen with minimal backing. You can also look into Louisiana local dumpster rentals if you live in that state (similar services are naturally available in other areas) to help you declutter the house if it contains a significant amount of items that are no longer needed. Other than having a neat place, this will also help you relax and unwind. 

Opt for Stairlifts

Often people suggest installing elevators in houses for elders, but one can’t deny this can be a long and quite expensive installment. Instead, you can install curved stairlifts or straight stairlifts, whichever suits the structure of your house. This is a much inexpensive and effortless process. These stairlifts can be installed within hours and make it easy for your seniors to climb the stairs. According to us, this is a must-have for a multi-level house, especially for people who have mobility issues.

Essential Bathroom Changes

Replacing your bathtubs with step-in showers with a shower bench makes it convenient for your elders to bathe without assistance, as bathtubs can be challenging for your seniors to use or get in. Besides, investing in a toilet riser can also be a smart investment for caregivers. Elderly people often struggle with standing up or sitting on the seat; installing such toilet risers can help them use the toilets conveniently.

Install Grab Bars or Handrails

One of the easiest home improvements that you can opt for your elders is installing grab bars of handrails. There are instances where our elders can struggle with balance, low mobility, or have trouble just getting out of bed or a chair. Placing grab bars or handrails makes it easier for our seniors to get up and also helps in reducing the risks of falls. Besides, installing such handles or rails makes them feel more independent and confident. So, make sure to install such grab bars in the places they usually use often in the day, such as the bathroom, bedroom, and spaces where they usually sit.

These home improvements listed in this blog post can help you transform your home into an elder-friendly space where they can access everything with ease. Make sure to keep your kitchen utilities accessible too so that your seniors can independently have their meals or access the kitchen in your absence.