Debunking 5 Common Myths about Online Roulette Casinos

It is not a secret that the iGaming market in Canada has exploded in the last couple of years. Lovers of live dealer games can now find many online roulette sites in Canada that have very good offers. These casinos are regulated and offer great bonuses and a variety of roulette games.

Yet not everything around online roulette casinos is clear to people. More precisely, we have noticed that common myths circulate around these gambling platforms. Because of different fake news, even the best roulette sites in Canada have lost their reputation.

It is about time to debunk the fake myths and explain to people why playing Canadian online roulette is safe in today’s online world. We will focus on the five most common ones. Let’s go!

Online Roulette in Canada is Completely Rigged

Here comes the most common myth of all! People should know that there is a big difference between regulated and unlicensed casinos. Online roulette in Canada is completely fair and legitimate on those casino sites that have the license. 

One of the most common questions we see is – why is a license important, and what does it confirm? The best online roulette casinos in Canada use Random Number Generator, a software that ensures complete randomness of the games. If their RNG is not valid, they risk losing the license. That’s why you can be sure that every round of roulette you play on these websites comes with equal chances of winning. 

The only obligation players have is to find the best online roulette sites in Canada. If you are a complete beginner, this process may seem challenging. That’s why we recommend you check roulette sites from this expert source and enjoy the games to the fullest. 

Online Roulette Algorithm Uses the Pattern

As we said, each online roulette casino in Canada uses a Random Number Generator to ensure complete randomness and fairness. That fact confirms that systematic roulette playing is not going to help. One of the biggest myths suggests that online roulette games use the same pattern. That’s completely fake! Roulette is a game of chance, and the outcome of each round depends on pure luck. 

We strongly recommend that people focus on choosing the numbers they like and potentially follow their instincts. Following the statistics can just give you insights into where the ball landed in the previous few rounds. Yet, it certainly can’t tell you which numbers it will land in the future. There is no proper way to discover such a thing. 

Online Roulette Casinos in Canada Will Steal Your Data

We will say already at the beginning that your data is completely safe. Online roulette casinos are collaborating with the best cybersecurity providers that ensure complete security for every registered player. The type of technology used on the website is clearly highlighted in the footer of any professional gambling site. You will probably see that the website is using data encryption technology, the strongest level of protection. 

So, why are people still suspicious? One of the reasons is the identity verification of users. The new customers will need to send an image of their ID that confirms their identity and that they are older than 18. Apart from that, when accepting website cookies, people give permission to the roulette casino to use some of the data. Which data casinos will use is clearly stated on the Privacy Policy page. They are not allowed to share your private data. They only have the right to use some of the data that will help them improve their service and offerings. 

Is everything we said correct? You don’t have to believe us! It is enough to check the validity of the license. Regulatory bodies would never issue a license to someone who can’t ensure the protection of the private data of the users. 

Higher Roulette Bets Ensure Jackpots 

Some online roulette games in Canada come with progressive jackpots within the game. There are usually four of them that all the players can get. There is a myth that only high-rollers have the chance to win big at roulette. Such a statement is completely unfair. Most online roulette games do not come with any limits. With a bet of a few dollars, players can claim the most valuable jackpots as well. 

In general, it is possible to win big with roulette. However, do not ever forget that responsible gambling must be your main priority. Don’t even chase big wins if your budget is limited. Always plan your spending in advance to ensure safe and comfortable gambling. As we said, your chances of winning or losing money are identical in every round. 

Live Dealers Can Control the Outcome

You have probably heard this myth very often. Some players commonly believe that live dealers can control the outcome of each round. Based on their story, some of the strategies they use are changing the speed of the ball or throwing the ball in a specific wheel position. All these claims are fake, and there is clear evidence that people should know. 

First and foremost, all the live dealers you see on online roulette casinos in Canada are true professionals. Their level of professionalism is identical to the ones that employees in land-based casinos have. Before they start working in that position, these players pass through training. During that process, they learn the strict procedures and guidelines. Trying to manipulate the outcome of the rounds will easily be discovered, and the dealer will immediately lose the job. 


Without any doubt, these are the five most common myths you can hear among roulette players. None of them is correct, and they can only confuse people. The main priority of every player should be to check the validity of the license since that is the only proof of casino safety and legality. If the license is not valid, these myths can potentially be correct. You may end up as a victim of identity theft or start playing rigged games developed by unfamiliar software developers. Check the resource highlighted on this page and enjoy online roulette in Canada!