Cosmetic Plastic Surgery: Are You Making The Right Decision?

Cosmetic surgery is a major decision — one that should take much thought, time, and consideration. Here Sheridan from, one of London’s leading anti ageing and skincare clinics,  looks at the important pros and cons of plastic surgery.

Men and women everywhere strive towards their perceptional and ideas of physical perfection through extreme measures such as cosmetic surgery to finally obtain an arguably, “flawless” version of themselves. However, plastic surgery is not always the best route to choose while dealing with physical and emotional insecurities. Although the procedure is seemingly mere and given the title of “cosmetic,” — it is, in fact, a major medical operation, one involving tremendous thought, time, and of course, money. And what do you do if and when cosmetic surgery mistakes happen? As this is a medical procedure, it does come with the changes of going wrong, so if you choose to go through with it, you will need to be knowledgeable of what to do in the worse case scenario. 

Permanent Change Through Cosmetic Surgery

The important fact that plastic surgery is indeed a medical operation may occur as a frightening and even disturbing reality to many. This realization should be thought upon frequently as many today only sometimes consider the possible complications of this radical alteration, and just barely. If you’re pondering the idea of cosmetic surgery, think rigorously and ponder whether or not you can realistically handle such a permanent change. Insecurities can damage confidence, and by all means, plastic surgery can be used to your advantage to improve your quality of life. The question, however, you should determine is the depth of your desire and whether or not it’s worth the serious transformation of surgery.

Talking Money: Are You Financially Able to Pay for Plastic Surgery?

Achieving perfection is not easy, nor is it simple — ask celebrities who have famously gone through the plastic surgery transition — Simon Cowell, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Nicole Kidman have all undergone cosmetic operations. Unlike them, however, most of us do not have the cash to spare for reoccurring cosmetic surgeries. In the unfortunate case and possibility of an operation gone wrong, you will then need “backup” money for correction, making it crucial to have complete confidence in your plastic surgeon’s ability and your financial security.

Remember to take the time and conduct thorough research and do anything to obtain a sense of “safe” while going through any medical procedure. Take a step forward and speak to friends who have been “under the knife” and talk plans and prices to various professionals, gather all information, interviews (and more.) Find someone who is reputable, a doctor who you feel entirely confident in, and is known well among satisfied clients. Work out the money and be certain that you can cover cosmetic surgery costs. If you bear “just enough” cash for surgery, then rethink the reality of your plastic surgery “dream.”

Medical Tourism to South Africa

An important reminder to all considering cosmetic surgery is not becoming gullible and not settling. Educate yourself, be aware and avoid getting sucked into gimmicks – such as the many who mistakenly travel internationally to countries for the sole purpose of obtaining cheaper cosmetic surgery. Many who have traveled to or visited disreputable doctors to afford surgery have also undergone scary nightmares, physical complications, and sometimes even death. Never skimp on the medical quality because sacrificing your health is never actually worth it. Plastic surgery should be worth the money.

Cosmetic Surgery Alternative

If you are insecure about your looks, an alternative to think about is permanent makeup. Cosmetic tattooing procedures are used, improving the appearance of thin lips, brows, and the face in general. This is much less invasive than cosmetic surgery and might just be enough to give your confidence a boost without the pitfalls associated with cosmetic procedures. 

Reasons and Intentions for Cosmetic Surgery

Ask yourself, and question repetitively if you absolutely cannot bear to possess whatever physical attribution is stirring your insecurities. Despite all the negative critics, plastic surgery can prove a positive outcome as cosmetic surgery can achieve potentially pleasing results. Such cosmetic procedures should, of course, be “done right,” conducted by proper professionals and with financial stability, among the most important though personal, good intention and reason. Do not seek permanent and expensive cosmetic procedures because someone else disapproves of your face or body. You should only go “under the knife” for your reasons and happiness, with extreme certainty that cosmetic surgery is, without a doubt, the right decision for you — and only you.