Cool services for rich people

Money can buy, if not everything, then a lot. And even such services that you did not know about before. And if they had guessed, they would have found out that such a niche in the market is already occupied by someone. Oh, those quirks of the rich! Here is a short digression into the world of unusual services for the richest.

A company that promises good weather for a $100,000 wedding 

No matter how carefully a couple plans all the details of their wedding, the weather is something that cannot be predicted. At least that’s how it has been so far. Luxury travel company Oliver’s Travels is offering wealthy clients a “Perfect Wedding Day” package that promises to control the weather for a mere $100,000. The company employs a team of professional meteorologists and pilots who fly airplanes above the clouds and spray them with silver iodide. This substance causes clouds to break and disperse. Cloud scattering was invented in the late 1940s. This technique was used during the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing to avoid rain during the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games. It was also used on the wedding day of Prince William and Duchess Kate in 2012.

Uber Offers Helicopter Flights to Avoid São Paulo’s Terrible Traffic 

The app taxi service has pleased Sao Paulo residents, who are frustrated by the terrible traffic jams on the city’s roads, by offering helicopter flights. Uber decided to try this pilot project for a month and started flying its customers by helicopter between airports, hotels and convention centers from June. Air Ta If you’re reading this, it means someone is still the privilege of the rich, but Uber hopes to change the situation. Promo prices start at $19 per seat for a trip from Helicentro Morumbi in one of Sao Paulo’s richest neighborhoods to the Blue Tree Hotel across the river. The distance is approximately 6 km by air. This is the cheapest service on this list, but still being able to fly to a party by helicopter is very cool. By the way, while you are flying in a helicopter, you can try another cool entertainment –

Counselor who offers psychotherapy for the wealthy 

Meet Clay Cockrell. He used to work on Wall Street, but now he’s a psychotherapist in Manhattan. What does he specialize in? Of course, on the problems of very rich people! He told The Guardian: “We are all taught to be compassionate, not to judge, and so many rich people feel like their problems are not real problems. But they are real. Basically, American pop culture teaches the masses that it’s okay to hate people, especially if they’re rich. In addition, wealthy people are often isolated and have difficulty forming close relationships. They experience the same difficulties as ordinary people, such as grieving over the loss of a loved one or sadness over a failed relationship, but poor people often brush aside the difficulties when it comes to a rich person.

The Man Who Charges Between $2,500 and $80,000 to Decorate Your Tree 

Bob Pranga is a Christmas tree stylist. He is a great professional in this field. When he was working part-time at Macy’s during the Christmas holidays some 30 years ago, he was approached by a famous actress asking him to find someone to decorate the Christmas tree for her. And he took on this job. Pranga and his business partner Debi Staron started Dr. Christmas in 1984. One of the first clients was Kathy Hilton, an American actress, designer and philanthropist. She introduced Prang to the elite in Los Angeles. Since then, he has decorated the homes of Hollywood stars for the holidays, including Christy Alley, Kate Hudson, Christina Aguilera, Mark Wahlberg and Barbra Streisand. His services cost from 2.5 to 80 thousand dollars. He starts with a half-hour consultation to decide on style, budget, and timelines. “I offer what I call the Honda, Lexus and Rolls Royce packages,” says the stylist. Another advantage is that the company takes on the dismantling of the scenery and works not only with the stars, but also with ordinary and corporate clients.

The $1,000 Woman Who Packs and Packs Your Kids for Summer Camp 

If you’re a wealthy and prepared parent, you’re probably sending your kids to an exclusive summer camp. But what do you do when the camp administrators send you a list of things to take with you, and you just don’t have time to pack it all in your child’s suitcase? You call a professional – Barbara Reich. Barbara is a professional personal tidying consultant. In the past few years, she and other tidying professionals have discovered that there is a demand for rich kids to go to summer camps. Two years ago, she had one such order, in the past – already five, and this one – already ten, although the season has not yet ended. Some clients even ask her to reproduce the child’s room and make him feel at home in the camp. Reich charges $250 for an hour of work, but one child’s fees help her earn $1,000. For many clients, it’s worth it.

The $53 Million Company That Will Build a Panoramic Roof on Your Private Jet 

If you can’t get a window seat on a flight, chances are you’re not experiencing the beauty of air travel. Limbs stiff, tired, irritated, you fly through the air at a speed of 1000 km/h in a metal tube thousands of meters above the ground. If anything reminds you of this, it’s a panoramic roof, which can be installed if you have a private jet and a lot of money. This is the essence of the idea of the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer, which offers the Airship Kyoto design. The company presented this concept in 2015 and is ready to accept orders. Customers buying an Embraer Lineage 1000E for $53 million can ask for transparent windows around the cabin so passengers can enjoy unparalleled views. The company says the windows are pretty easy to install, just cutting a few extra holes in the fuselage. Windows are an additional load that can affect the efficiency of the engine, but this is already the concern of the manufacturer, not wealthy buyers.